Saturday, January 5, 2013

Saturday January 5, 2013

800m Run
3 Rounds
25 DB Squat cleans (20/35#)*
50 Double Unders**
800m Run

*May sub barbell squat cleans at 45/75#
** sub lateral jump over bar if you cannot do DU's

Thanks to Norcal CF for the WOD!


Lisa Hobbs said...

This was a good workout. I was winded at the end, but it felt good.
23:04 15#DBs (16wks)
Also, the first round I did 25 Dus, then 25 squat cleans, then 25 DUs. Thought that would be better for me, but either way it was DUs by DUS, so rounds 2&3 were as prescribed.

Jen B. said...

23:12 Rx'd

This was tough. Lisa and I were neck and neck until the last run when she pulled ahead. Maybe I will be faster than her in the third trimester!

Fitness Estrella said...

19:50 RX'd (01/05/13)
This was tough! I was working and used a heavy rope that was at the station. It required me to use more arms and shoulders, therefor only getting 10 to 15 at a time. I was able to get all 25 SC's the first round but had to drop it 2 or 3 times the following rounds. I do not care to do this one again.

L.A. said...


Just did this with Krista and Jenette! (1/8/13) DB/Cln where a bit tough, My hamstrings from yesterdays WO where still sore! Could only get mayb 2/3 DU; I really SUCK at those! The run well you know how that went, I was in the DUST! Thanks Ladies Great job!

kq said...

22:37 Rx'd

Hard wod. I barely had anything left for that last run and thought for sure Jenette was going to come sailing by with that bright smile on her face! Glad it is over. Leslie you were right with us too - great job! Thanks ladies for your company. :0)

Jenette said...

DB Rx'd

First run was approx. 3:50. My left arm was worn out by the end and it was tough to hold the dumbbells upright, but pushed through. Singles were as fast as possible for building wrist speed. Krista killed those DU's, and Leslie was fast with the DB Sq Cl's. It was tough! I certainly appreciated the company and the push! :-))