Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wednesday December 19, 2012

500M Row
Max Rep Clean and Jerks (80#/135#)
400M Run
Finish at 10 Minutes

Penalty for finishing 10 Seconds or more too fast or too slow = 30 Burpees

It works like this: Row 500M and get all the C&J possible until you have to start your run.
For example if it takes 2 minutes to Row and think it will take 2 minutes to run, then there is only 6 minutes to do Max C&J (between minutes 2 and 8). Another approach would be to want 40 total C&J and at 8 minutes have only 38, therefore doing 2 more (may only give 1:30 left to run) having less time to complete the run in 10 minutes. Enjoy and have fun.

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Tuesday November 23, 2010


Fitness Estrella said...

44 C&J's RX'd (12/19/12)
I actually like this WOD! I was able to get the first 6 without dropping the bar and another time I did 4. Several times I banged out 2. With 1:55 left, I did 2 more C&J's and Jared pushed me hard on the run. I came in with 10 seconds to spare. If I reallized I could go 10 seconds over I would have done at least 1 more.

Previous Time:
40 C&J's RX'd (11/23/10)
I dropped the bar ever time. I started the run at 8:03 and finished at 9:58.

3:34 135# (04/21/10) - 30 C&J's

Anonymous said...

32 C&J's RX'd

Did not hit my goal of 36. Thanks Paul for helping me. I finished with about 5 seconds left.


Jen B. said...

30 C&J's Rx'd
Finished @ 10:16
w/ penalty of 30 burpees @ 13:26

This was tough! Krista and I debated on whether or not we should do 80#. Glad we did, but it was challenging - had to do one at a time - couldn't really string any reps together. Did the row in 2:03, finished C&J's @ 8:20 (I really wanted to get to 30). I pushed it on the run - wanted to puke at the end! Had to rest for one minute before starting on the burpees. Thanks Krista - Nice job (thought you were one ahead of me on C&J's)!

31 C&J's @ 65# (11/23/10)

Jenette said...

25 c&j's, 75#
Ran out at 8:03 back into the garage at exactly 10:00. This was super fun!!! Love the strategy.

kq said...

27 C&J's Rx'd

Row @2:10

I was seconds behind Jen on the run (who, as usual, passed me up). For some reason I am having a difficult time with my cleans. I failed on the first one and just could not catch up with Jen.

Fun wod though. I like it. Totally glad we did Rx'd! Thanks!

35 C&J's @65lbs (11-23-10)