Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thursday December 06, 2012

10 Rounds
200m Run
10 Power Cleans (80#/135#)


L.A. said...

Hooked up with Jen & Krista today did 12/4/12 WOD.

Anonymous said...

27:24 Rx'd
Tough WOD wonder if my time would have been better if I was with someone. All my rounds I did about 6 in a row then broke up the last four.


L.A. said...

Hey Jared; you need not to be so hard on yourself! You did awesome, with Rx'd1 keep up the great work. And yes, it's always nice to have someone to push you,and guide you through it.

Fitness Estrella said...

15:39 RX'd (12/06/12)
Good WOD! I worked OT today and heard someone talking about doing 10 rounds of 5mph on the treadmill for 1:30 and 10 Cleans at 135#. He said he usually takes 30 minutes and does this every shift. I asked if we can make this a CF WOD and if he wanted to get it on. That's the story behind this WOD! I did have somebody pushing me which help my overall time. I did the first 5 rounds unbroken and split the last 5 into 6 and 4. Ask me for the remaining story!

L.A. said...

Just did this WOD with Jenetta & Krista! OMG did this suck big time, they both kicked my butt! I was 1RD behind them all the way! I wasn't going to use Rx'd, but Im glad I did! Felt good afterwards Thxs Ladies for the push.


Jenette said...

21:43, 75#

This was a WOD that looked intimidating! It was incredibly cold, dark and windy, today which didn't help. However, once that timer started there was no going back. Split the PC's into 6/4, and the runs were a nice pace for recovery. Leslie was a beast w/80#! And I kept trying to get ahead of Krista, failed on one of my lifts in the 10th round, took a few seconds to get it back up and she beat me!!! Ugh! ;-)

I chose this weight due to all the endurance training I'm doing now (10 mi run tomorrow am, getting ready for PF Changs on 1/20!) and because this was my 6th WOD since Sunday. SO! No excuses but I really needed a weight that I could confidently lift 100 times without too much strain on my knee.

kq said...

21:25; 75lbs

This was so brutal. I know 80lbs is doable but I am not feeling well at all and did not want to trash my shoulder. 100 PC's @80lbs is a lot! Our old lady, Leslie, slayed it though! I fought to just pass Jenette up on the last set of PC's.

Fun to knock this out with you ladies; not one to do on your own! :0)

L.A. said...

Lol!! You are so right Krista, not one to do on your own. Thanks to both of you for the support!