Saturday, December 22, 2012

Saturday December 22, 2012

3 Rounds
400M Run
7 Push Press (80#/135#)
14 Ring Rows


Anonymous said...

I did 12 days of christmas since we probably won't be here when it is posted. I have been thinking of this one the whole month, probably dreading it.

32:19 rx'd

OH squats are always tiring.


31:58 Rx'd (12/23/11)


L.A. said...

Did yesterdays WOD with Krista & Rachel today! Nice Job Ladies

Fitness Estrella said...

8:54 RX'd (12/22/12)
Good WOD! I can not believe how hard the Ring Rows are! I had to Kip with my hips on the last 2 rounds for about 4-6 of them.

Jen B. said...

Modified ring rows
5 per round Rx'd (legs parallel to ground) 9 w/ feet on ground (45 degree angle).
Push press Rx'd @ 80#

The ring rows were killer - this was my first time doing those in a WOD. Push press was difficult at that weight, but managed to get all 7 each round (some were more of a jerk). Paul killed the workout - nice work!

kq said...

12:56 Rx'd

All PP unbroken; slow, but unbroken. Ring rows were HARD. Tried to stay parellel the whole time but found it impossible to get full rom. So then I tried to go at more of an angle and still ended up parellel. Very fatiguing. Very difficult movement. The runs were a rest for me this time!

Jenette your form on RR's was great; you were nice and parallel. Great work. Fun to have Hunter with us too! Keep it up! :0)

Jenette said...

13:44, 75#, RR at ~80% ROM

This was a great, quick wod. The ring rows were challenging. I tried to stay planked and really felt it in my core, as well as arms. The runs were just ok. I dropped the bar once each round on PP, 4/3.

I definitely ate too many treats over the past few days. Krista! I tried to catch up on the run each time but you just got further ahead! And you made the pushpress look way too easy. ;-)

Jenette said...
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Morgan & Jared Hochstettler said...

I'm still getting back in the habit of posting but I want to share this:

I did this wod on 12/21/12 to start my 4th crossfit wod since becoming pregnant. Jared was using all our bars for a wod so I used 15# dumbbells for PP. Took me 10:34.

Lisa and I did this wod again today (1/5/13) at the park. Did 50#PP and added a 4th round and I finished at 9:05!

Pretty excited about that.