Saturday, December 15, 2012

Saturday December 15, 2012

AMRAP in 12 Minutes
15 Deadlifts (95#/155#)
15 Pushups (Hand Release)*
15 Box Jumps (20"/24")

* May try Deficit Pushups with Bumper Plates (15# Plates/ 25# Plates)
Place Bumper Plates ~18" apart and place each hand on each plate. Do a Pushup and touch chest completely to the floor. Chest will go below your hands by 2-3", hence deficit.


Fitness Estrella said...

6 Rounds + 6 DL's RX'd (12/15/12)
Good WOD! I was able to do every exercise unbroken. My anterior right pelvis was bothering me during deadlifts.

Jen B. said...

5 rounds + 15 DL
HR pushups

Started slowing down after the 3rd round. First 4 rounds of DLs unbroken.

kq said...

5 rounds + 15 DL + 2 HRPU
21" BJ; 95lbs
6 rounds 13:36

DL all unbroken. HRPU were ok. BJ's wore me down. Good wod. Thanks Leslie.

L.A. said...

This was fun! Good WO! Thought I would of got further on this one.
My DL's where unbroken except for the 3Rd, dropped it on 8rep, not sure why go figure! BJ's where slow, H/R PU's where good. Great job Krista

4Rds +15 DL's,+15 H/R @ 12min
5Rds completed @12:58

BJ's @19"
DL's Rxd

Anonymous said...

4 rounds + 15 DL + 15 Deficit Push ups +13 Box Jumps


Jenette said...

Jenette - 5 rounds + 2 DL

Rx'd w/deficit pushups. Pushups take a toll on my arms. I stopped once during the last two rounds. DL's and BJ's were unbroken.

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