Monday, December 31, 2012

Monday December 31, 2012


1000M Row
50 Thrusters (30#/45#)
30 Pullups

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Wednesday April 13, 2011


Jen B. said...

9:55 Rx'd

Paul had to force me to workout today. My entire upper body and arms are extremely sore, it even hurts to run! Surprised i beat my last time. Did the row in 4:30, dropped the bar once on thrusters at 30, took a couple short rests holding the bar. Pullups were slow - could only get 6 to start. Thanks for pushing me, Paul! tomorrow is definitely a rest day!

10:42 rx'd (4/14/11)
10:44 Rx'd (3/10/10)
12:01 35# (11/10/09)
11:21 30#, purple band (7/29/09)

Fitness Estrella said...

7:25 RX'd (12/31/12) Row = 3:28
My row was good the first 500M. It was about 1:38. Thrusters were SLOW although I never dropped the bar. Pullups weren't there but was able to do my first 16.

Previous Times:
7:33 RX'd (04/13/11) Row = 3:31
7:04 RX'd (03/10/10)
7:59 RX'd (12/10/09)

Anonymous said...

11:40 Rx'd


kq said...

11:55 Rx'd

Row @ 4:31
TH's unbroken
PU's took forever...!

Not happy w/ time - I know it was my pullups - but still very disappointed. Jenette and Leslie and all the rest of you did great!!

9:35, 30lb Thrusters, Purple Band (3-10-10)
9:42, 30lb Thrusters, Red Band (12-10-09)

Jenette said...

10:23 Rx'd

Stopped twice for a few seconds on the thrusters. Got 7 pullups in a row, then 6, then about 5 at a time. Checked out my previous time, holy cow! Krista and Leslie thanks so much for joining today, you are both awesome. :-)

Previous - April 15, 2011
25# Thrusters
Pullups with Blue and Purple Band.

L.A. said...

10:50 Rx'd

OMG! This actually felt good, you both did great! The Row went well, mantained a pace of about 2:23, then my legs started to give out around 600m! Thank you Krista for pushing me. I pushed hard on my Thruster, and the Pullups where a bit tough, stopped every 3 mayb.
I was happy with my time! Not bad for an Old Lady!

9:19 30# Purple (3/10/10)
11:38 30# Purple(12/10/09)

kq said...

11:06 Rx'd (4-2-14)

A little better.