Friday, December 28, 2012

Friday December 28, 2012

2 Rounds
800M Run
30 Pullups
30 Front Squats (60#/95#)
30 Toes to Bar
30 Power Cleans (60#/95#)


Fitness Estrella said...

26:25 RX'd (12/28/12)
This Sucked! I wanted sub 20 and was nowhere near that. No excuses but I thinking by being Nauseated and having the runs for the past 3 days didn't help. My first run was 3:05, 15 seconds slower than yesterday and my second run was around 3:45. It took me 3 minutes to finish my T2B and 3 minutes to do Cleans in the first round alone. The first round I finished at 11:57. Within 5 minutes of the WOD I almost quit due to being nauseated and feeling like passing out. But I pushed through and finished!

Jen B. said...

30:19 Rx'd

That had to have been the hardest WOD of the year! My arms are shaking. I had no grip strength by the end of the first round. It seemed like it was going well until T2B. First run was 3:28, pullups 15-9-6, FS 18-12, dropped 4 or 5 times on T2B, PC 11-10-9. Everything took longer on the second round.

Jenette said...

34:35 Rx'd

The first run was good, pullups were strong, T2B were ok, but needed to stop and start the kip each time, PC's were about 10/10/5/5. Grip strength was GONE and forearms were shaky. Krista! Thanks for joining me despite the freezing cold. I know we both wanted to quit but you just zoomed ahead during the second run and I knew the race was still on. Love it!

kq said...

33:34 Rx'd

First run was @3:53; pullups were 11-6-5-5-3, FS 25-5, T2B were 10-10-5-5, not sure on PC's but dropped the bar 3 times on first set. 1st rnd complete at 15:22. Second run felt stronger and then pullups were 3-5 at a time, FS 22-8, T2B started out with 10 then 3-5 at a time, PC's 11-10-8.
My grip/forearms/wrists were shot! This was tough. COLD. Thank YOU Jenette; another one that I could not have done without you. You did amazing. :0)