Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wednesday November 28, 2012

3 Rounds
10 Weighted Toes to Bar (5# WB/8# WB)
200M Row with Straight Legs (30 Straight Leg SDHP with 35#/53#)*
10 Burpees facing Bar (12" above ground)
200M Row with Straight Arms (30 Sumo Deadlift with 35#/53#)

*Straight Leg SDHP is essentially a Good Morning into a High Pull.


Jen B. said...


I used a non-weighted ball for the T2B, which still made them more difficult because you really need to concentrate on holding the ball and it really activates your core. The rowing was interesting...when I was only using legs, I wasn't too far off from my normal row time. The straight leg row was more difficult. Overall, I thought this was a good workout.

Fitness Estrella said...

11:53 RX'd (11/28/12)
This was different! It wasn't really an all out MetCon but introduced a few things that were difficult to do. The T2B really use the Abs.

Anonymous said...

Did the following WOD

5 rounds of Pullups
3 strict weighted 20lbs
3 strict body weight
5 kipping

5 rounds of ring dips
3 strict weighted 20lbs
3 strict body weight
3 kipping


kq said...


With non-weighted ball for the T2B which, as Jen stated, was difficult. Can't imagine doing w/ a weighted ball. The row w/ straight arms seemed more difficult for me. Burpees we did over bricks which ended up being 13 1/2" high. Jenette and I staggered this but there were times we each had to wait a few seconds for the other - sorry Jenette; overall not too bad. Liked this wod; the movements were challenging.

Thank you Jenette.

Jenette said...

15:20, non-weighted ball.

This took some getting used to. I'm sure I had about 30 seconds overall in time spent either chasing the ball that flew out of my feet across the room or waiting on our overlaps. We found a good rhythm in the 2nd and 3rd rounds though and were really racing to keep up with each other. It was fun to learn these new elements! Krista, you were awesome!

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