Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tuesday November 06, 2012


25 Back Squats
25 Front Squats
25 Overhead Squats
25 Shoulder Press
25 Push Press
25 Push Jerk
25 Deadlifts
25 Cleans
25 Snatches

Prescribed weight is 95# for men and 60# for women on all exercises.

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Sunday February 12, 2012


D. said...

Deneshia Rx'd :)

kq said...

Rx'd!! :0)

Fitness Estrella said...


Fitness Estrella said...

NICE! That's about the best response I have heard since starting my website!

Fitness Estrella said...

19:17 RX'd (10/06/12)
I was able to do all Back Squats and 18 Front Squats before putting the bar down. I think I may have been able to get through both sets but I was trying to regulate my breathing. My shoulder press were very strong and I did my first 10. I remember this was very difficult and could only get 2 -4 at a time previously. All my Jerks were were with a dip-drive-dip-stand up. Deadlifts were unbroken. My legs began to shake on my Power Cleans. I did the first 5 snatches and fatigued from there. The snatches took me about 3:20 to finish.

Side Note: I told myself if I beat my time, Romney WINS! You see how important this must be to me!

Previous Time:
19:53 RX'd (07/28/10)

kq said...


L.A. said...

Well you all did great! Sorry I haven't been to many group sessions! Krista and I WO today, did an older one. Tough on the shoulders and neck. Thanks for making me come over! Nice job, great form.

50' OH Lunges 25# Bumper
20 Burpess
20 KB's (30#)


Anonymous said...

23:00 Rx'd Previously

26:48 Rx'd

Presses were very hard. Squats pretty simple Snatches took a long time I was very fatigued at the end.


kq said...

19:48, 55lbs

2nd wod for me today (11-12-12). Ended up doing 60lbs to start on back squats (all 25) and then stripped down to 55lbs after I realized my mistake! Push press was a handful at a time. Much better on PC's this time and Snatches were 1-1-1-1; just kept going until 25 done! Will try Rx'd next time. Leslie joined me and did great; thanks for the text!!

21:05, 55lbs (2-10-12)
23:06, 50lbs (7-28-10)

L.A. said...

Well I just did this WOD with Krista, and she had done a WO early this morning with the group as well!! She pushes me to my limit! Bsqt/Frt sqt where good; I added 13reps more to each to sub for OHS! SP's where hard but felt good,PP better, PJ a breeze after my arms where all warmed up! DL's broke after 14, CLNs about 4,to 5,
Snatches where smooth,Legs where jello!


Added 13 more Bk Sqt/12 more Frt Sqt to Sub for OHS!!

Jen B. said...

26:26 55#

Didn't beat my last time, but felt good with all lifts. went something like this...

BS - 25
FS - 16-9
OHS- 8-9-8
SP - 6-6-4-3-2-2-2
PP - 9-9-7
PJ - 15-10
DL - 25
Cleans- 13-12
Snatches- 1-2 at a time

22:25 55# (2/12/12)
26:50 55# (7/28/10) couldn't do SP