Monday, November 19, 2012

Monday November 19, 2012

5 Rounds
400M run
20 Burpees
15 Bent Over Rows (25#x2/45#x2)*

*This Weight on the Main Site is 30#/50#. I do not have 50# DB therefor I made RX'd 25#/45#.
Bent Over Rows are bending over with your knees slightly bent and back parallel with ground. Holding dumbbells and allowing them to hang, pull them up to the chest in a strick fasion. Repeat.


Fitness Estrella said...

18:27 RX'd (11/19/12)
Tough WOD to keep the pace up. I set 20 minutes as my goal and really thought it would be tough to obtain. I am happy with my results.

Anonymous said...

23:00 Rx'd

4th round did 24 burpees, so 5th round I did 16 burpees. Pretty tough glad it is over.


Jen B. said...

23:28 Rx'd

This was a good post-Thanksgiving Day WOD. The rows at 25# were tough for me. Was able to do the reps in 2 sets for the first 2 rounds and then I had to break into 4. Great job by Vanessa and Sandra - they both pushed through this one.

Unknown said...

22:39 MOD w/ 15&20lbs dumbbell a

Thanks for the workout Jen and Sandra at felt great getting up this morning and pushing through this WOD!!!!

Sandra R said...

23:50? 15# first round 20# 4 rounds. I have a terrible head and chest cold, but pushed through it. Great job ladies.

Sandra R.

D. said...

Deneshia 34:27
Burpees are getting smoother; but kill me everytime!
Bent over Row - 45# bar
My runs must have been a little over 400m.

kq said...

23:20 Rx'd

This was horrible. Wanted to puke during the 4th rnd. So grateful for Jenette's company; although, I was hardly able to take any rests - she was relentless. Nice job. Glad it is done!

Jenette said...

23:30 Rx'd (2x26# kb's)

This was extremely tough and I felt puky right away. Krista and I were in misery but kept pushing each other. I really wanted to make up for my burpees during the rows and pass her during the run but I couldn't make it happen. Good wod! :-)