Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday November 12, 2012

5 Mile Run
75 Burpee Pullups

Break up as needed.
This is only half of the WOD on the Main Site.


Jen B. said...

56:47 Rx'd

Crazy! Broke it up as follows:
25 Burpee Pullups
2.5 mile run
25 Burpee Pullups
1.5 mile run
25 Burpee Pullups
1 mile run

Paul, Lisa, Deneshia - you are all awesome! And, of course, thanks to our cheerleaders - Jenette, Krista, and Sandra who opted for an alternative WOD :)

kq said...

You all killed it Jen, Paul, Lisa and Deneshia! Fantastic work!

However, not only did I do the 10-25-12 wod with Jenette and Sandra this morning; I just finished the 11-6-12 wod with Leslie. whoot-whoot!! :0)

Fitness Estrella said...

47:19 RX'd (11/12/12)
I broke this up as follows:
75 Burpee Pullups = 9:10
5 Miles = 38:09 (7:38/Mile)
I really thought I was going faster than this on my Miles. Actually was a good WOD, just boring!
I did 100 Burpee Pullups in 11:46 (01/20/10)

D. said...

Deneshia 57:21

5 Rounds:
15 burpee pullups
1 mile

Thanks all, for the encouragement.
Can't think of a better way to spend my PTO. HA!

L.A. said...

Krista is Wonder Women, she did a double today, To make sure I got a WO,in and not just a lame Hike! Thanks Krista, It felt great afterwards, better then it has in a long time. NEW MEDS finally work!
Did 11/6/12 WO

Lisa Hobbs said...

51:36 w/ burpee kick outs as a sub for a true burpee
25 burpees pullups
2.5 mile run
25 burpees pullups
2.5 miles
25 burpee pullups