Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday November 16, 2012

21 Front Squats (70#/115#)
200m Farmer Carry (35#/53#)
15 Front Squats
200m Farmer Carry
9 Front Squats
200m Farmer Carry

*Farmer carry requires carrying a kettlebell or dumbell in each hand for the required distance. For example, a woman would walk 200m with a 35# Kettlebell in each hand (like a bucket of water) for 200 meters.

If needed, carry your weighted bar behind your neck on your shoulders. This is not a farmer carry and therefore not RX'd. This is just an example how you can still do a WOD if you do not have the available equipment. Although if you held the weight in front of you, that can be considered RX'd.

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Wednesday February 22, 2012


Fitness Estrella said...

7:33 RX'd (11/16/12)
This was good. All Front Squats were unbroken. My first and second Farmer's Walks were unbroken as well. Good WOD! This was like carrying our boxes on calls. They weigh about 50# each. I was able to strap a 10# weight to the bottom of a 44# KB. I had 1- 53# and 1 - 54#.

Previous Times:
Injured (02/22/12)

Jenette said...

I was just going to do this wod on Wed! Guess I'll do it tomorrow. My only problem are my's time to get normal ones. I'll figure something out.

Jenette said...

Jenette - 9:40, 65#, 35# kb carry

This was awesome! I felt great, dropped the bar once each round of fs, but the farmer carries were fast and only stopped once on the last round.

Previous - March 4, 2012
14:26, 65#, 35#

Jenette said...

P.S. Thank you Krista for joining me! You are a great coach.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!!!

kq said...

10:26 Rx'd

All FS unbroken; however I stopped once on the 2nd farmer carry and three times on the last one. Those killed me - my forearms and shoulders were on FIRE. 35lb KB's were MUCH better than 25lb metal plates!!

Jenette; you are amazing! Thank you for your input on my form. You just rocked this tonight! :0)

14:27; 75lb FS, 25lb farmer carry (metal plates) (2-22-12)

D. said...

Deneshia 11:12
Piggyback carry 55# Easton
Front Squat 45# with low bench assit.

Jen B. said...

11:02 Rx'd

Front squats were great - dropped bar only once on first round. the farmer carry was KILLER! I used 35# DBs the first and last rounds and 35# KBs on the 2nd round. I could not keep my grip! I think dropped twice on 1st round, by the 3rd round, I dropped at least 6 times.

Great job Jenette! I don't know how you did the farmer carry w/out dropping...awesome!

11:45 75# FS (2/22/12)