Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tuesday October 16, 2012

Practice Something you Suck At or
Max a Lift or
do something on the leaderboard!
IE: Max BJ's in 2 Minutes, 200M Run, Ect.

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Fitness Estrella said...

I Maxed out on Deadlifts with my Captain at the Fire Station and then threw down some Bench Press, Incline Dumbbells, Flys, 4 Different types of Curls and some Tri's. It was a Good Day!

Max Deadlift - 415# RX'd PR
This went up quite easy and decided to add 20# more (435#). I was able to get it up to my knees and my grip let loose. I tried again and only got to mid shin before I dropped it due to a weak back. I should have done only 10# more (425#) and feel I would have PULLED IT!

Anonymous said...

Good job Paul!!

I am now getting back. Still have a cough that will not stop. Did September 28, 2012 WOD.


Lisa Hobbs said...

Carlie and I ran a mile and then did this workout:
3 rounds
20 pushups
20 good mornings 25#
800m run
Good workout. Lots of running for us....
Lisa 16:58
Carlie 17:31