Saturday, October 27, 2012

Saturday October 27, 2012


Jenette, Our newest CF Certified Trainer from our group. Congrats! Can you spot her?


Lisa Hobbs said...

Way to go Jenette!!! That is so awesome!!
Ran 4 miles today. 33 minutes.

Jenette said...

Thanks for posting, Paul!!! She took several pics so of course my eyes are partly closed in this one. :-) That was also right before we started Fran, heh. I'm so happy to be to be a part of Crossfit and can't wait for more classes like Crossfit Kids, Endurance, etc. Hopefully, I can introduce this sport to people and help others learn about fitness like Paul and Jen have done for all of us.

Lisa, awesome! I am also running and doing wods to prepare for a few races this winter.

Jenette said...
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