Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wednesday September 05, 2012

Max Lift Day
Shoulder Press
Push Press
Bench Press
Back Squat

Post Max Lifts to Comments. Be Careful.
You can do Shoulder Press, Push Press and Jerks as you find your weight for each in sequential order. Your lifts should be approximately 20% more for each of these 3.


Morgan & Jared Hochstettler said...

Jared helped me today and it was pretty awesome testing myself. I didn't do Bench Press because we don't have that equipment, and I opted out of Jerks since I still need to learn that movement. Jared said I could have done better on Back Squats if I was more comfortable with the movement.


Shoulder Press- 60#
Push Press- 85#
Clean- 110#
Back Squat- 135#
Dead Lift- 185#

kq said...

nice work Morgan!

Fitness Estrella said...

Bench Press - 245#
Back Squats - 275#
Shoulder Press - 145#
Push Press - 175#
Deadlift - 395#
Push Jerk - 195#
Power Clean - 195#

BS, SP, DL Total = 815#

Thanks Jared for doing this with me. Thanks for saving my life too. You are now a HERO!
I was happy with BP being that my max is 280#.
BS was a little depressing. I was shooting for 315#. I had 295# before I crumpled to the ground and threw the bar off my shoulders. My back seemed to be a little fatigued and tight today.
SP was low but I was OK with it considering my shoulder.
PP was low as well but still made the 20% gain from SP.
DL was great! Except after I locked out I dropped the bar and immediately felt all my blood rush from my head to my core. I knew I had vagaled down. I quickly felt paralyzed but was able to put my left arm out. My eyes rolled back and I fell to the ground over the bar. I do not remember about 3-5 seconds until I felt myself slightly convulsing and Jared holding me down. He told me to stay down and I did for about 5 minutes until I could completely grasp what was going on. I believe Jared saved my head from hitting the ground. Thanks Jared! We then finished up the last 2 lifts. *I can say I am embarrassed by this but also think it was probably pretty funny!
PJ were OK but by this time we were maxed out. I believe I should have been able to get 205#.
I was happy with PC at 195#. My max is 30# more but my pulls are weak right now.

Morgan & Jared Hochstettler said...

Good WOD today. Thanks to Paul for doing this with me. It was nice having the extra push.

Bench Press 255#
Back Squats 275#
Shoulder Press 160#
Push Press 190#
Deadlift 325#
Push Jerk --
Power Cleans 185#

It was a very eventful WOD. BP I was a bit disappointed in I was expecting 20lbs more. I think I could have gotten 260lbs but went for 265lb and I think I fatigued myself. Back Squats I should have had 295lb but I will definately get it next time. Shoulder Press, Push Press were good. Push Jerk has me nervous, need to practice. Deadlifts were very eventful, as Paul has posted. My form still needs work. Paul threw everything he could on that bar untill not another weight would fit. I believe he could have done more if it were not for lack of space on the bar. This was really a great WOD and it is nice to now know what my maxes are so I can try to improve. Thanks again Paul.


Crossfit Total
BS + SP + DL = 760lbs
(only 240Lbs more to go!)

L.A. said...

Nice job Paul; but I wouldn't call it embarrassement, how about DUMB A...s, you realize you need to BREATH OUT when you lift that much wieght at one time!!! Lol glad you where not hurt. Good think you where there Jared. Although none of us should ever be alone when lifting heavy!!! Safty first then FORM!

Jen B. said...

Bench press: 85#
Back Squat: 140#
Shoulder Press: 60#
Push Press: 85#
Push Jerk: 90#
Power Clean: 95#
Deadlift: 200#

BS+SP+DL = 400#

Obviously the deadlift is my best lift. I was disappointed on the push jerk and power clean - I really wanted to get a little higher on those. It was good to see where I am on the lifts and where I need more practice!

Nice job to the rest of you! Morgan - you are stronger than you think - I expect to see you using higher weight on the WODS!

L.A. said...

Nice job Jen!

kq said...

DL: 205lbs
Cleans: 95lbs
SP: 75lbs
PP: 95lbs
PJ: 100lbs
Back Squat: 135lbs

DL + BS + SP = 415lbs (not sure what this means though?)

Felt pretty good on everything. Shoulders were fatigued by time we got to push jerks and BS should have been more...nice work Leslie and Stevie; thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Jen B.

Oops. Just realized my shoulder press wt. is wrong. Should be 65#. Nice work, Krista! It took all I had to deadlift 200#, so I wasn't going to try for more!

L.A. said...

Well this was rather fun Hmmmm! Thanks for the push Krista you did great! Stevie u did awesume! Wasn't feeling it today; was very fatigued to start with. Jen u set the bar high agian for this WO Lol!

DL -195#
SP- 65#
PP- 80#
PJ- 75#

DL 215#
Cln 110#
SP 75#
PP 95#
Jerk 90#
BSqt 135#

Jenette said...

Paul! Holy cow, I can't believe that happened. Makes me worried to do WOD's alone at home in the garage after the kids are asleep. Good thing all was ok...and I'm REALLY glad you could finish the WOD. :-)