Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sunday September 02, 2012

15 Thrusters (80/135#)
200m Run
20 Thrusters (60/95#)
400m Run
30 Thrusters (40/65#)
800m Run


Fitness Estrella said...

13:14 RX'd (09/02/12)

Great WOD but tough. I was actually surprised with my heavy thrusters. I was able to get 11/4, 12/8 and 20/10. I think I might have been able to get all 15 if I am able to rack the bar. My elbow and shoulder prevent me from doing so and have to use more shoulder and core to keep bar close to midline. The 135# Thrusters were easier than I thought they would be. My runs were horrible.

Jen B. said...


I used 75# for the first round, then Rx'd for the rest.
75#: 5-3-3-2-2
60#: 7-7-6
40#: 18-12

75# thrusters were tough! The runs weren't too bad, I just tried to keep a steady pace. I really wanted to slow down on the last run. My legs are aching tonight!

Morgan & Jared Hochstettler said...

Morgan 14:07

65# for the 1st round. Dropped 3 times

55# for 2nd round. Still dropped 3 times

rx'd round 3. Sadly, still dropped 3 times. I was close to 2 though: 11-15-4

Running was really tough on me. But glad I did the wod. Thanks, Lisa, for joining me!

Lisa Hobbs said...

13:15 give or take. started my watch late. Did the same weight as Morgan. Tough workout! So glad Morgan set it up.

Anonymous said...

15:02 Rx'd

Good WOD I really liked this one. My goal was to get 15 of the 135lb thrusters unbroken and I was able to do that. At 95lbs I got 15 and 5 in a row and then for 65 lbs I did 20 and 10. Wish I could have done everything unbroken. My running is what killed this WOD for me.


Unknown said...


Used 60 for the first round, dropped one or two times...

Used 50 for second round dropped once.

Rx'd the third round dropped once.

This was my first time doig thrusters.I really need to focus on using my hips instead if my arms. My arms were gassed half way through and my legs were barely fatigued. I have a feeling I am going to have a love hate relationship with thrusters lol great workout!!!