Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thursday August 23, 2012

SDHP (45#/75#)
Push Press (45/75#)

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Friday, September 03, 2010


Jen B. said...

8:41 Rx'd

I don't know how you all did this one so fast! I didn't get any rounds unbroken on Push press until 3! I killed my previous time though. Nice job everyone - sorry I missed the group WOD!

Previous time:
11:43 Rx'd (9/3/10)

Jenette said...

Jenette - 7:58 (?), Rx'd

I did have to stop at least once on most rounds. I'm slow bringing the bar back down on push press. Also, my sdhp were super wobbly. Had to re-position hands to keep it level.

kq said...

6:49 Rx'd

This was great fun! I got 21-18 all unbroken. Dropped the bar a few times during 15-12-9 and then finished out 6-3. Doing as a group helps so much; I tried to stay with Jared - we were neck and neck! Lisa almost passed us - hehe :0). Nice job Jenette!

9:03 Rx'd (9-5-10)
7:32 Rx'd (10-31-11)
8:23 Rx'd (6-27-12)

Jenette said...

Krista you took so much time off your June wod, good job! I guess group work outs do help us all go faster.

kq said...

I did; for some reason I was way off on that one - had done better previous to that. The new bar helped immensly on the sdhp.

kq said...

@Jen - we all missed you too! Good job and good luck with the speed ropes!

Morgan & Jared Hochstettler said...

This was a fun group WOD. It was nice to have others around to give me an extra push to finish faster. Not sure what happened to me at the end but I was doing everything pretty much unbroken until 12 and 9. Then Krista just sped past me and finished strong. Good job everyone.

7:03 rx'd


Fitness Estrella said...

6:45 RX'd (08/23/12)
Good WOD! I am surprised I beat my previous time.

Previous Time:
6:59 RX'd (09/03/10)

kq said...

Today Leslie and I did:


This was crazy; but felt great to finish it out!

21:18 Rx'd

L.A. said...

Wasn't to bad, but my body is trashed right about now! Lol thanks for the push Krista. The DL's from yesterday wipped me out!

22:39 yuke!

Lisa Hobbs said...

7:23 rxd
Haha Krista! I am so glad I did this with the group or I would have missed round 15! krista was ahead, and then I looked over and kept wondering how I was beating her...good thing she keeps me in line LOL Krista! And I mean "lots of love"!