Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday August 12, 2012

4 Rounds
15 Kettlebell Swing (35#/53#)
400M Run
15 Ring Dips


Jen B. said...

ring dips w/ purple band

Ring dips were a challenge - 15 per round is a lot for me. started off with 8 in a row then first round, then fatigued quickly.
Thanks to Odilia for joining me this morning! Odilia trained with Paul back in the garage days. she did awesome for not having done a WOD in over a year!

Odilia: 18:47; 26#KB, bench dips

Lisa Hobbs said...

Did this with Carlie
Carlie- 19:27 35# KB (first time...way to go) subbed 30 bench dips
Lisa- 16:44 35# KB 30 bench dips. The heat is unreal. Can't wait for some cooler weather!

D. said...

Deneshia 22:26
45 bench dips. Nauseous that last lap. I agree, can't wait for some cooler weather. Happy to complete the WO; feel like quiting everytime with it being so hot.

Fitness Estrella said...

14:09 RX'd
This was a good WOD! My goal was sub 14 and actually was 1" from locking out on my 15th rep at 13:59. So I didn't count it. My run felt very sluggish today. I was able to get 15 RD's the first round and able to get 7 each round after with multiples of 2 following. Last round had to do singles for my last 5.

Fitness Estrella said...

@ Deneshia. Great job! You are getting quicker in this heat! I love how you subbed 3X's bench dips. Savage! Next time for dips place your legs parallel to the ground and your feet up on a box the same height as the bench. Then do 2X's. Next you will be ready for some ring dips after you get some made up. Keep up your work. I am impressed that you keep going even with doing it solo! AWESOME!

L.A. said...

Way to go Odilia, Nice to see that you still have it in you!!! You all did great, I might try this WOD this week.

Morgan & Jared Hochstettler said...

19:22 Rx'd
Ring dips were tough. I think I got about 8 reps unbroken the first round. After that I was doing anything I could to just finish the 15 for each round.


kq said...

35lb KB
RD's w/ purple band

Good wod. Nice weather today too!
Thank you Leslie...see you!! :0)

kq said...

Great job ladies! Keep pushing.

L.A. said...

I did this WOD with Krista. Much better Temp today. Run was sluggish for me, Ring Dips where hard for me today,KB's seemed fast. Felt good! Was going to use the band on the last Rd, Then Krista made me realize I was all done with my RD's cause I started with RD's and she started with KB's! I only have one set of Rings, soon to have another.