Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday August 17, 2012

Wallballs (12#@9ft/20#@10ft.)
Double Unders


Jen B. said...

27:41 Rx'd

The pullups were brutal, as I knew they would be. Finished first round around 11:30. I really had to tape and chalk my hands up for pullups. The last round I was using a towel to grip the bar. Ended with only one small blister - yeah!

Fitness Estrella said...

20:42 RX'd

Stupid! I thought this would be a sub 20 WOD. I was wrong. First round I did all 50 WB's unbroken and my first 21 pullups. My pullups went downhill from there. Since surgery my pullups are very weak and of course I am much more controlled. Double unders with fatigued shoulders were tough. We ordered and are waiting for the new speed ropes from rogue! My first round was approximately 8:00?

L.A. said...

Did 8/09/12 WOD with Rachel early this morning. Posted there. Paul you are to hard on yourself, you just have to keep moving. I know all to well what surgery has done to my mobilty. Think positive. Nice job both of you.

Fitness Estrella said...

LOL Leslie. To be honest I was wanting 15:00! I am glad to see you are still pushing even with your busy schedule.

Anonymous said...

The first 50 wallballs were great I was at about 2:05 when I finished. Pullups were my achilles heal.

Rx'd 25:10


D. said...

08/14/12 Deneshia 49:30 WB sets of 10. Pullups 2,3-8 sets with purple band. My arms were toast and definately slowed me down. Even tripping up on DU. I found Buckeye's mesquito farm! I also took Easton and Rodeo(dog)-what a mistake. Easton decided to take Rodeo on the playground equipment and Rodeo's toenail was pulled out. Good job all. Easton starts school monday so hopefully I can catch up to your times and give you some competition!

Lisa Hobbs said...

16:50 jumping pullups...obviously that is where I made up so much time. had to do this at home on our playset, and it was too short for me to do real pulls on. If I had been able to do pulls it would have been so much harder. Will have to try again rxd. Did do all my wallballs with the ball underneath me to make sure all my squats were low enough. Dus are still hard for me. still do one single for every double and could only get about 8 at a time.

Fitness Estrella said...

Good Job Lisa. Keep up the DU's. They will come. What counts is that you are doing them.

Deneshia. Outstanding job doing 105 Pullups. Not only that but 50 in a row. I am impressed you are only using a purple band! Before you know it. No BAND!

Morgan & Jared Hochstettler said...

Morgan- 25:08 rx'd

Wallballs went ok though I took 3 breaks every round. Pullups always started strong. I'd get between 5-10. But then the rest of the time it was 1-3 at a time. Brutal was right, Jen! DUs were really hard following wallballs/pullups.