Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tuesday July 24, 2012

30 Situps
30 Deadlifts (135/225#)
30 Double Unders
30 Overhead Squats (60/95#)
30 Pullups

*May sub front squats for overhead squats - increase wt. to 75/115#


Anonymous said...

Rx'd 12:40
Great WOD Thanks Paul! OH Squats were my best. Deadlifts were tough.


Fitness Estrella said...

11:47 RX'd
Jared and I did this one together. He plowed through the OHS and I seemed to just get by. They were very difficult for me.

kq said...

nice work guys!

kq said...

Rx'd except jumping pullups for the last 10 as, you guessed it, tore my rt hand. :0(

L.A. said...

I did this WOD Today 7/26/12!. This one was the most weight on the DL's in a WO that I have ever lifted! Felt good, was able to do 4/5reps at a time. I Sub Frt/Sqts for OH, that was a bit tough. Pullups where ok, was able to get 3at a time, for me thats good. As far as DU's, got 5 bad!

Sub Frt/Sqts @75lbs
DL's @135lbs


Anonymous said...

Morgan- 10:48 110#DL, 30#OS

Did this today 7/26/12.

I got 16DL right off and I thought maybe I should have gone for more weight but after that 16, I only got 5 at a time. Paul, I know you'll get on me for not doing The FS sub :) but I wanted to practice my form for the OS because I never do otherwise. Pull ups felt good but my hands kept slipping off the bar- they went 3at a time.

Fitness Estrella said...

@Morgan, not at all. I would prefer you to do the OHS with lighter weight as this was the exercise and movement that is prescribed. The FS is for athletes that can not perform the OHS like me. But of course I did it because I was racing against your hubby! Good Job!

Jen B. said...

135# DL
55# OHS

Deadlifts were tough - did 10-5-5-5-5. DU's actually went well got 22 in a row to start (still with a single in between). I was happy with the OHS - did 10-7-7-6. Pullups were brutal to finish with. Started with 6 in a row, then only 4 at a time after that. Great job everyone!

D. said...

Deneshia 21:07
DL 115# reps about 5
DU were pretty sad today had lots of singles.
OHS 45# reps 4-9 used bench at park to practice form and keep balance.
Pullups purple band reps 3-5.