Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday July 15, 2012

Take the Family on an adventurous HIKE!
Or something else adventurous.
HAVE FUN and post what you did.


Fitness Estrella said...

Kings Creek Picnic Area to Cold Boiling Lake = .9 Miles
Cold Boiling Lake to Bumpass Hell = 2.0 miles with 1353 feet elevation gain
Bumpass Hell to Bumpass Hell HWY 89 Parking Lot = 2.0 Miles with 500 feet elevation gain
TOTAL = 4.9 Miles
We visited Lassen National Volcanic Park and took a hike to Bumpass Hell (the center of the volcano). We took the back way in which is 2.9 miles long with the last 1.5 miles we hiked from 7400 feet up to 8753 feet. This is an elevation gain of 1353 feet. This trail was empty. We were told it was difficult and most people take the shorter more level way in. Even the Park Rangers haven't taken this route. I now know why! But I am so glad we went this way. We were on the edge of the mountain and the scenery was beautiful. It was Me, Jen, Julie, Randy, Jenna, Shea, Alex and Lucas and the kids all did great. Once we got to Bumpass Hell we spent a good hour in amazement. We then hiked out 2 miles on a 500 foot decent. This trail is the main trail to Bumpass Hell both in and out.
Deffinately a Bucket List item!

L.A. said...

Nice pics Paul, looks like you all are having a great time!!! Today I made up a WO. Did this with Rachel, And then did Fridays WOD Max Cleans/DL's Posted there.

15 PP @65lbs >>>> Rachel@50lbs
25 Burpess
25 Situps
25 Pushups
15 Frt/Squats @65>> Rachel @50lbs

Both finsihed

Anonymous said...

We went rock climbing again. Easton did great! He was a bit intimidated about it at first but then had a blast. He would get to about 5-6 feet up and then repel back down. Wyatt just wanted to destroy the wall and will have that chance soon enough. Morgan did great. I felt a lot better this time. I went up 3-4 times in a row and did not feel exhausted like last time. Afterwards Morgan and I had a rope climbing contest first one to five ascents, won't tell you who won.