Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday July 16, 2012

800M Run
Pushups (Hand Release)
800M Run


Anonymous said...

18:23 rx'd

Morgan & Jared Hochstettler said...

Morgan- 20:22 rx'd
MaryAnn- 29:50

MaryAnn is my sister who's visiting and the last time she did crossfit was the last time she visited (like a year ago). And she hasn't worked out in any way for at least 1 month. Pretty inpressive to keep the workout under 30 minutes!

Fitness Estrella said...

19:19 RX'd
This was much harder than it looked.

hillari said...

This was extremely tough! We both did knee assist pushups and I was not able to get all the way up on the situps yet.


kq said...

Did 10-2-10 wod

Lisa Hobbs said...

19:03 RX'd

Tried to beat Jared, but he was so speedy this time!

Lisa Hobbs said...

19:03 RX'd

Tried to beat Jared, but he was so speedy this time!

Anonymous said...

Ahh one of the few advantages of being short. Means I can do burpees faster since I have less distance to travel. :)


Jen B. said...

20:15 Rx'd

We did this at the high school track in Auburn, Ca. My sister and her friend joined us for a workout. I thought it was a good one. Afterward, we ran another 1/4 mile w/ bleacher runs.

Jackie: 32:44
Keely: 30:47

Joshua said...

19:20, I think the runs were about 600M though. And I did normal pushups.

Fitness Estrella said...

Nice Job Josh! Hows the Job?

D. said...

Deneshia 31:27 RX'd
800m Run 3:50
800m Run 5:28 - This run was brutal my muscles were done. Even my arms were jello.

kq said...

19:23 Rx'd

That knocked my socks off! Good cardio wo. Thanks Jenette; would have taken much longer alone...


Jenette said...

20:09 rx'd

This was tough but fun breaking it down. Always want to merge the rounds of 2 and 1 together! Thanks for the push, Krista, I would have walked a bit more on the way back had I not seen you up ahead of me!!! You are too fast.

Unknown said...

18:23 Rx'd

My pushups sucked but I feel like I was killing t with my runs!! I need to work on not letting my hips sag when doing my pushups.

Lisa Hobbs said...

Did this with Dez and Carlie today at the park:
Lisa 17:09 (24wks) burpee kick outs and knee assist pushups
Dez: 23:00 knee assist pushups
Carlie 20:? Knee assist pushups

Lisa Hobbs said...

Did this with Morgan today at the park:
17:38 rx'd
good day-after,Thanksgiving WOD