Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday July 09, 2012

5 Rounds
100' Walking Lunges
25 Double Unders (75 Singles)
10 Burpees

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Sunday, July 03, 2011


Anonymous said...

12:30 rx'd
Tougher than I thought
3 set of 5 Power Cleans
135lb, 145lb, 155lb
3 sets of 5 ring dips/muscle ups


kq said...

13:25 Rx'd

This wod always kills me; doing JL's and DU's yesterday just added to that! :0)

12:30; Rx'd (7-3-11)
12:08; 75 singles (01/27/11)
14:51; 100 singles (07/05/10)
12:46; 100 singles (02/08/10)
12:10; 75 singles (11/19/09)
15:21; 75 singles (07/24/09)

Lisa Hobbs said...

14:14 RX'D. Still doing one single for every double. Slowing my time down, but I am getting better at them.

hillari said...
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hillari said...

Lexi 14:14
Double unders with 3 singles in between.

L.A. said...

Did this WOD today with Rachel. Hot as Hell in garage as well as outside. This was pitiful for me! Few DU's, just can't get them!!


12:56 S
14:46 S

Jen B. said...

16:32 rx'd

This was actually my first time doing this one rxd with double unders. I need to work on that time!

kq said...

nice work Jen!

Fitness Estrella said...

10:35 RX'd (07/09/12)
We did this in Auburn with an incline and decline for the lunges. This WOD is always tough and surprised me that I beat my previous time. My DU's were unbroken.

Previous Times:
10:46 RX'd (07/03/11)
10:30 RX'd (03/17/11)
This was at Disneyland at Hotel Parking Lot.
9:02 RX'd (01/04/11)
9:26 RX'd (07/05/10)
10:49 RX'd (03/24/10)
This was at Disneyland at Hotel Parking Lot.

Jenette said...

Jenette - 12:45, singles. Burpees were step-backs on left leg, but then jumped back and up (with a happy clap!). I'm feeling it in my toe after those and the lunges. Glad I could jump though!

D. said...

Deneshia 22:44 RX'd
DU's 4th round all 25 unbroken, 5th round 23 unbroken. I was so hot, sweaty (think it's time to buy an awesome 80's style sweat band), and winded. Didn't think I was going to make it through that last set of burpees!