Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday July 27, 2012

3 Rounds
1 minute of Push Press (45/75#)
2 minutes  of Kettlebell Swings (35/53#)
3 minutes of Double Unders
Rest 1 minute

*This is a 6 minute running clock and all exercises must be completed withing the time frame given!
Then rest 1 minute and start again for 2 more rounds.


hillari said...

This was gassing! :) Shoulders and legs were tired. 30# pp, 35# kb, singles. (I need to buy some more weights for my bar...although it was tough with the 30#.) Divided our jr's by 3 to get the total reps.

Lexi total 450 reps
round 1--30, 43, 235
round 2--23, 32, 300
round 3--22, 26, 272

Hillari total 405
round 1--29, 37, 242
round 2--28, 31, 206
round 3--26, 30, 224

Jenette said...

Jenette - WOD from 6/18.

L.A. said...

PP's @45lbs > 31-24-26
KB's @30lbs > 39-40-41
Singles > 279-290-312

kq said...


1 - 35PP; 47KB; 100DU
2 - 29PP; 37KB; 91DU
3 - 25PP; 36KB; 89DU

This was tough; started out strong and quickly died. Hot. Was a good wo though. Thank you Leslie for the wo and then treating me and Nate after!!

Fitness Estrella said...

502 RX'd

1 - 35 PP, 40 KB, 125 DU
2 - 21 PP, 30 KB, 100 DU
3 - 20 PP, 30 KB, 101 DU

Brutal WOD! I did all I could to get the max DU's. I really need a speed rope. My forearms and shoulders were on FIRE!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Paul Brutal.

Rx'd 517

Round 1- 29,34,130
Round 2- 31,32,100
Round 3- 31,20,110

My shoulders were on fire doing DUs. Tried to improve each round.


kq said...

Nice guys!!
Forgot to count reps for total:

Jen B. said...

Total reps: 328

1 - 29, 47, 52
2 - 22, 36, 51
3 - 20, 30, 41

This REALLy killed me! I started with a goal of getting at least 50 DU's per round, by the last round round, my goal was to finish without puking!

the rest of you did AWESOME!

Lisa Hobbs said...

Good WO! Did this with singles, because my rope was having issues, and so was I. I will have to do it again with DUs. That would have made a hard WO even harder.
PP@45# RX'd, KB@35# RX'd, JR singles
1. 30, 57, 352
2. 32, 49, 358
3. 30, 48, 350

Fitness Estrella said...

Great Job Everybody! I have to pose a question! Did all of you have a 6 minute running clock during this WOD? Example: 3-2-1 GO, do PP for 1 minute and no longer. If it takes 10 seconds to get to KB and you started at 1:15 you only have 1 minute and 45 seconds left for KB. If you stop right at the 3:00 mark and it takes you 15 seconds to get to your rope and 5 seconds to start then you would only have 2 minutes and 40 seconds to complete JR before you hit the 6:00 mark. Then rest 1 minute and start again.

All reps need to be completed within the running clock. The time does not stop at 1 minute and then start up again for 2 minutes when you get set up for KB.

From experience KB's take 2 seconds each rep.

Anonymous said...

I have the crossfit app on my phone which has a nice assortment of timers to choose from. I used an advanced interval timer that ran continuously and gave me a ten second warning at the end of each interval. So I was able to set it at 1 minute, 2 minute, 3 minute and then 1 minute rest. It ran continuously in this order. I really like the app for the timer and it will help count reps for you as weel. I don't really use anything else on the app.



Jenette said...

Jenette, Rx'd PP and KB, Singles

Total reps = 457

1 - 24PP; 40kb, 304 singles
2 - 20PP; 35kb, 280 singles
3 - 20PP; 32kb, 274 singles

I used the WOD timer on my phone on an interval setting so it beeped every minute then immediately restarted a new one-minute countdown. I certainly lost several seconds between stations.