Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday July 13, 2012

Every 30 seconds perform 1 clean starting at 60#/95# and increase according to the chart below. The WOD is finished when you can not perform the clean (fail) within the next 30 seconds. Once you fail do max rep Deadlifts with the weight you failed with. Max Rep DL's are as many DL's as possible without putting the bar down. Post both scores to comments.
Example: Start watch and do a 60# Clean. Add weight and do a 65# Clean at :30. Add weight and do a 70# Clean at 1:00. Add weight and do a 75# Clean at 1:30. If you fail, attempt again until the 30 seconds is up (2:00). You then have 30 seconds to start Max Rep Deadlifts! (2:00 - 2:30). There is no time limit for max Deadlifts.
1 Clean (60#/95#)
1 Clean (65#/105#)
1 Clean (70#/115#)
1 Clean (75#/125)
1 Clean (80#/135#)
1 Clean (85#/145#)
1 Clean (90#/155#)
1 Clean (95#/165#)
1 Clean (100#/175#)
1 Clean (105#/185#)
1 Clean (110#/195#)
1 Clean (115#/205#)
1 Clean (120#/215#)
1 Clean (125#/225#)

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The Schedule of the Competitions. They had 3 surprise workouts on Wednesday at Camp Pendleton. A Sprint Triathlon which was a 700M Ocean Swim, 8K Bike and 11K Run. It was scored by time at 150M into the run (100 points) and total time (100 points). They also had head to head Marine Obstacle course up to 3 times in a row for a total of 100 points.

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kq said...

failed at 95lbs :0(
41 max DL's @90lbs.

No bueno...!!
Tried 95lbs again when done - can get it to chest but cant get under it...

Morgan & Jared Hochstettler said...

failed miserably @ 105#. I couldn't get it passed the initial deadlift.

11 max DL's @105#
It felt pretty weak to me that I could only knock out 11 before I gassed so I took a rest and tried again just to see if I could knock out a bigger set. I only got 4 in a row before my legs were too wobbly! I guess I was done. Nice wod!

kq said...

*didn't realize that it was max DL in 30 secs; I just did max DL's but was done within a minute.

Fitness Estrella said...

Krista, you were right. It is MAX Deadlifts! Not in 30 seconds. But it should have been max DL's with the weight you failed with. Good Job!

kq said...

aww crap!! thanks Paul!

L.A. said...

Nice job ladies!The Power woman of today LOL!! I did Mondays WOD with Rachel posted there. I will attempt this WOD soon.

Anonymous said...

This was tough getting the plates switched by myself on a couple of these rounds. Overall I would have loved to have gone further. Failed at 185lbs. Great Job everyone.
Max Clean 175lbs
Deadlifts 185lbs x 20reps


L.A. said...

I did this WOD with my son today 6/15/12, after me Initial WOD! He did awesone I'm very proud and impressed with his weight!!! He pushed me to the MAX!!! I could only get 105# up to my chest and couldn't get under it; I to tried twice. DL's where good, I could of kept going, but I was getting fatigued from the double WO i just finsihed! Have fun with this one!
JEN YOUR UP!!! Knock it out!

Max Clean @100lbs
Failed @105lbs
17 Max DL's @105lbs

Max Clean @125lbs
7 Max DL's @125lbs

Jenette said...

Jenette - Failed at 100 :-( REALLY wanted to get that one. Did 25 dl's at 100#.

Jenette said...

Hunter - Failed at 125, 21 dl's at 125#.

L.A. said...

Nice job Jenette & Hunter!

Fitness Estrella said...

Max Clean - 185#
Max Deadlifts @ 195# - 21 Reps
This was tough changing your own weights but was able to do it within the time limit. Tried doing a Squat Clean with 195# and failed miserably. It fell on top of me. My max clean ever was 225# and was a power clean.

Fitness Estrella said...

I weigh 210.5# and am starting Paleo.

D. said...

clean 80# max - didn't want to push it my shoulder doesn't like these
Didn't have a pit crew to change it for me so just used 80#x20 DL. What can I's after a 12 hour shift and I'm ready to go home!

Jen B. said...

95# Clean

Failed at 100# - was so close - couldn't get under it fast enough.

25 deadlifts @ 100#