Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday June 04, 2012

6 Rounds
10 Deadlifts (110#/185#)
10 Pullups
10 Kettlebells (35#/53#)

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Saturday February 12, 2011


Morgan & Jared Hochstettler said...

23:20 Rx'd
Very slow. Pullups were kipping with a lot of breaks. This is going to take time to get back into.


Morgan & Jared Hochstettler said...

Today's WOD was frustrating. I wanted to go rx'd and everything was going fine. Pullups were slow because my hands were all sweaty and I'd slip off the bar but I felt good. Then in round 4, I ripped like 3 blisters that had been developing. By round 6, they were burning and bleeding to where that coupled with slipping off the bar made it impossible for me to finish pull-ups. I seriously couldn't grip it strong enough to get one in. So last round I had to sub and did 20 pushups.

Morgan- 16:20 rx'd rounds 1-5. Subbed 20 pushups for PUs in round 6

kq said...

Don't feel so bad Morgan!! DL/PU is a horrible combo on my hands and 50 PU is usually my max and I just did 50 with Jenette on hands just got ended up with:

110lb DL, 35lb KB

Did all DL's unbroken except one round. Had to start jumping pullups in the 5th round due to blisters...lame!

hillari said...

Well, we are obviously not rx'd, hence the fast times. DL's 70#, as that is all the weight I own. Plus that was hard for me and more than I have done previously. Had no pullup bar, so we subbed 10 pushups. We should have subbed 20...but oh well. I just moved up to a 35# KB, and that is also tough. I got some serious blisters, so I can just imagine what adding the pullups in would have done to my hands. Ouch.

Hillari 11:27
Lexi 9:09
70# DL, 35# KB

Jen B. said...

13:55 Rx'd

This WOD really did seem harder than it should have been. DL and pullups are always a rough combo. I felt ready to quit after round 2! My pullups were slow - thought I might get some new blisters - my old ones are not quite all healed up yet - but thankfully did not. Thanks for the company on this one, Lisa!

Previous time:
13:23 Rx'd (2/12/11)

Lisa's time: 14:20 85#, purple band

Fitness Estrella said...

11:50 RX'd
I am very happy with my time even thoug I had to drop multiple times from round 2 on with pullups.

Previous Time:
9:53 RX'd (02/12/22)

L.A. said...

This WOD was a tough combo! I have to say I surprised myself with this! DL's where all unbroken till the 5th rd, when I pulled my hamstring, so had to do 3,3,4 on Rd 6, that slowed me dowm! Pullups weren't bad 3 at a time, KB's unbroken. My kids did this with me!

DL's Rx'd
KB's 30lbs

DL's @100lbs
kB's @35lbs

Jenette said...

Jenette - 18:26 Rx'd. This was pathetic every step of the way. Since my toe is broken I can't wear any type of shoe (except sandals), so I wore socks! Had to work very carefully to stay on my heels, any rocking to the side or forward would be BAD. Jumped down from pull-ups on my right foot only, so had to come to full stop, hang, then drop down. This time was slow but not as slow as I expected considering how cautious I was.

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