Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday June 15, 2012

4 Rounds
200M Run
20 Kettlebells (44#/70#)
20 Wallballs (12#@9'/20#@10')
10 Pushups (Hand Release)
10 Pullups

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Saturday, February 05, 2011


Jenette said...

Jenette - 24:26 Rx'd. Brutal on the hands, but weather was nice. Good way to start the weekend. Thanks, Paul for letting us borrow the pull-up bar and db!!!!

kq said...

14lb WB @ 8.5ft
45lb dumbell (!)

This was HORRIBLE! I had no idea that I was using a 45lb DB...I thought it was a 40lb DB!! OMG. Got all 20 KB the first rnd then broke them up thereafter; dropping it once. Pullups were the absolute worst; had no strength and could hardly get my chin up to bar by the end...nice work Jenette and Lisa - NO BAND!! Thanks Paul & Jen for the use of the equipment.

Cannot believe how fast you all did this wod previously!!

Fitness Estrella said...

18:26 RX'd
First Round 3:19
Wow! We Did this at 1:30 PM and the temp read 109 on our pool equipment but 102 on the internet. My first round was unbroken on everything. The last 3 rounds I broke up KB into 3 sets, WB's 3 sets and Pullups into 2 sets. KB's were brutal and really hard on my shoulder especially 70#. I thought Jen was going to catch me!

Previous Time:
17:03 RX'd (02/05/11)
First Round 3:15

Jen B. said...

19:25 Rx'd
44# KB, 14# WB@8ft.

Tough WOD! I was not motivated to workout today either. I did all 20 KBs the first 2 rounds, then had to break up to 12-8 for 3rd and 4th. I had no arm strength for WB's after KBs and did 7-7-6 on those. Broke up pullups to 6-4 for the most part. Nice job everyone...sorry we couldn't join you this morning.

Previous time:
19:43 Rx'd (2/5/11)

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