Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tuesday May 29, 2012

Front Squats (60#/95#)


Lisa Hobbs said...

Jumping pull ups
50# front squats

kq said...

12:22 Rx'd


L.A. said...

Had limited space in my garage today, so I had to a do a no weight WO! Jumprope broke, had to use a crapy one, that didn't help my time! Run, well we know my words on that one! Rachel great job!

150 Singles
50 Situps
120 JR
40 Situps
90 JR
30 Situps
60 JR
20 Situps
30 JR
10 Situps

Rachel 13:28

Anonymous said...

I did jumping pullups because I am still scared of injury. But regardless I am really out of shape.


Fitness Estrella said...

9:33 RX'd
I generally felt good on this although the FS are tough on my shoulder and I can't go all out on my pullups. The burpees still feel slow for me. I believe at my fitest I would be sub 7:00.

Jen B. said...

10:53 Rx'd

I am really glad I did this...it is so easy to skip a WOD on days I work. Had to drop bar once on first round of FS. Pullups felt pretty strong - did 12 in a row on my first round.

D. said...

Good job Jen! I skipped four days of WOD because of work and am soooo tired. Wasn't able to fit it in or give up sleep or dinner!
FS 60#
jumping pull ups
Tired, winded and lightheaded during this WOD. Was just glad to complete it.

L.A. said...

Did this WOD on 5/31/12! Thought I did great on thi, u all did much better! Great job First set of Frt Sqt 12,5,4. 2nd,3rd unbroken.Burpees I hate, & PU's where fair!


Jenette said...

Jenette - 13:23 Rx'd...time is slow however I felt so good on all the squats with the ROM. Pullups were well above the bar except one time I actually hit my chin.