Saturday, May 19, 2012

Saturday May 19, 2012

3 Rounds
50 Double Unders (150 Singles)
40 Situps
30 Wallball Squat Cleans (12#/20#)
20 Pullups
10 Handstand Pushups


kq said...

I did a wo from 11/15/11:
10 rounds
15 Deadlifts (80lbs)
15 pushups (C2G)

12:20 Rx'd

14:53; Rx'd; 11/15/11
13:47 75lbs; 12/16/10
17:09; Rx'd 10/15/10
11:49; Rx'd 03/12/10 (did not do C2G on p/u)

Fitness Estrella said...

22:43 Subbed Pushups for HSPU's

This was tough! I would do 8-10 Pullups to start (controlled) and do 2-3 there after to keep controlled. I probably should not be doing more than 10-12 pullups a round until a year. Otherwise the shoulder is hanging in there.

kq said...

32:04 Rx'd (14lb wb)

This wo was killer; it took everything out of me...DU's were hard,especially the last round and pullups were almost impossible the last round too...ugh!! Great work today ladies! :o)

Jen B. said...

14# WB
modified HSPU (feet on park table)

This was incredibly hard! I seriously thought I might pass out during the 3rd round of DU's. Amy, Krista and I were all pretty close for the 1st 2 rounds and then they both pulled ahead of me on that last round. Excellent job to everyone!

Jen B. said...

Amy: 31:30; modified HSPU
Lexi: 29:16; singles, blue band, regular pushups
Carlie: 31:00; singles, blue band, modified HSPU

kq said...

Modified HSPU!

D. said...

28:35 That can't be right...but I'm going to go with it anyway. ;)
Singles - a few DU not much luck with those today.
12# WB
jump to bar pull ups
modified feet to bench HSPU

Lisa Hobbs said...

10-15 DU's and 120 singles (each round) Still working on them, but getting better. Do at least 3-4 singles for every DU.
Purple band for pullups (Yeah!)
Modified HSPU on park table
12# WB

Wallball squat cleans were killer and so was the jumprope. Just not use to those extra DUs yet. Have no idea how you ladies do 50! Felt good with the pullups. Such a hard WO though. Thought I might not make it through all rounds. But, I had somewhere to be, so that was the only reason I could push through!

Jenette said...

Jenette - 21:36, singles, 12# wb, modified HSPU...everything else rx'd. Not sure what I did wrong here! But I kept a checklist of each activity in each of the 3 rounds. Singles, situps and wb sqcl unbroken. Pullups were about 5 at a time, but got slower at the end. HSPU were done w/feet up on box.