Saturday, May 5, 2012

Saturday May 05, 2012

5K, 10K, 1/2 Marathon (13.1 Miles) or Full Marathon (26.2 Miles) Run

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Saturday March 17, 2012


Anonymous said...

I did a 5K row. My time was 22:35. Paul what do you usually have your resistance set at on all your WODs? Hope everyone did good with their respective runs today.


kq said...

I did:
4 rounds
25 BJ (20")
20 KB (35lb)
10 T2B

15:10 (10-21-11)
16:33 (11-26-10)

Hot...congrats to all you runners today! I slept in for once! :0)

Fitness Estrella said...

I keep it at 5. On the Concept II's it is not really resistance. It is a Damper setting. Here is from their website and I can explain more if needed:

■The harder you pull, the more resistance you will feel. This is because the Concept2 Indoor Rower uses wind resistance, which is generated by the spinning flywheel. The faster you get the wheel spinning, the more resistance there will be.
■You can row as hard or as easy as you wish. The indoor rower will not force you to row at any set intensity level. It is up to you. As you put more effort into your rowing, you will go faster, produce more watts, and burn more calories. All of these outputs will be measured and displayed by the Performance Monitor (PM). Keep your goals in mind. For example, if your goal is to burn a lot of calories, it is more important to row for a long time than to row hard. If you row too hard, you won't last as long.
■The damper setting is like bicycle gearing. It affects the feel of the rowing but does not directly affect the resistance. With a little experimentation, you will find the damper setting that gives you the best workout and results. We recommend a damper setting of 3–5 for the best aerobic workout. This is the setting that feels most like a sleek, fast boat on the water. Higher settings feel more like a bigger, slower boat.
■You can view your performance in pace, watts and calories. The PM displays your output in a choice of units and display options. You can choose the units and displays that work best for you.

Fitness Estrella said...

2:26:31 RX'd - Half Marathon (13.1 Miles)
Max Speed 12.35 MPH
Ave Speed 5.45 MPH
Elevation Gain 514 Feet
2 Minutes and 11 Seconds total of stop time for water, ect. I always kept jogging in place.

AT 5K Mark:
Max Speed 11.18 MPH
Ave Speed 6.08 MPH

At 10K Mark:
Max Speed 11.18 MPH
Ave Speed 5.84 MPH

At 10 Mile Mark:
Max Speed 12.35 MPH
Ave Speed 5.61 MPH

So I felt like dying after the first 5K. I kept going and kept going. I was going to quit a handful of times but I CAN'T QUIT! Jen kept pushing me. When we got to 10 miles right at the lakes, Lisa went to get water. I jogged in place but when I started back up my legs would not go and the right leg cramped up. I literally thought I was going to have to crawl. I slowed up and Lisa went ahead of me. I drank 5 bottles of water, 3 smoothies and had 2 liters of IV fluid and still have not pee'd. I am glad I did it, but will not do this again. This was STUPID! LISA DID GREAT!

Previous Times:
21:38 - 3.05 Miles (09/26/11)
Felt good! It was the first time in 5 fingers at this distance.
21:16 - 2.63 Miles (7/21/11)
28:36 - 3.6 Mile Loop in Auburn. (7/11/10)
19:59:85 - 5K PR (1/29/10) This hurt!
21:22 5K - (11/01/09) Pushing Shea in a jogging stroller.

18:58.9 5K Meters RX'd (10/16/11)
9:36 2500 Meters
1:53.8 / 500M Pace (Total)

19:13 5K Meters RX'd (03/27/10)
9:35 2.5K Meters
7:36 2K Meters

19:07 5K Meters RX'd (12/27/09)
7:21 2K Meters

Jen B. said...

10k - 1:04

Well, I went about 6.75 miles total; a little over 10k. I stopped there because my right toe/foot was hurting so much. I may need different shoes for running long distances. I still felt pretty good cardiac wise, but decided not to tear up my body. I am glad that Paul and Lisa made it. Lisa - you can officially have the title of our long distance runner!

Lisa Hobbs said...

Well, thanks to Paul and Jen for humoring me with my lame idea of a 1/2 marathon. Glad I did it, but it was hard. I just kept thinking, "If this was a marathon, it would only be halfway...crazy!" All in all with no training, I felt like we did really well. My knees started hurting at 5 mi, but just pushed through. Felt like I mush on mile 9, but the final 3 miles I just wanted to finish and go home, so I pushed it and finished.
2:20:37. Have no idea if that is even close to a respectable time, but I finished, and that was all I set out to do today.

L.A. said...

You guys did GREAT! And I was actually mad that I could not go!!
I would still be running LOL!! So only the 3 of you went?? LISA ROCKS THE ESTRELLA MOUNTAINS!!!!

Jenette said...

Good job everyone!!! Hey, I finished at 2:27 at the Lost Dutchman in Feb so now I feel that was an ok time! I'm sorry to hear about the injuries/strain!!!

Morgan & Jared Hochstettler said...

So I'm not as awesome as those that did the 1/2 but I ran the Dirty 6 on 5/5/12.

It was a 6 Mile mud run that was more about the mud than physical challenges (like tough mudder and Gladiator tried to do).

I had a great group I was running with so I pushed to be competitive. We started in Wave 3 which would be 12 minutes into the race. We stopped for at least 5 minutes after the first obstacle so the whole group could get a muddy picture. And I still managed to finish in 50 minutes even! I never felt like I had to slow my pace so I'm pretty sure I averaged about a 7 1/2minute mile. For 6 miles, I was pretty excited about that. For some reason, they did not record my time but I finished with a buddy who's time was recorded and comparing that time to the other stats, I fished 5th out of 270+ women! Thank you Crossfit.

Anonymous said...

Me and Devin Gable ran 6.7 miles on 5/15/12 with a time of 1:10. Felt good. The only thing sore was my hips. Everything else was great!

Tara Carroll