Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday April 29, 2012

AMRAP in 12 Minutes
10 SDHP (45#/75#)
7 Situps
5 Burpees

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Sunday April 10, 2011


kq said...

11 rounds + 10 SDHP + 7 sit ups + 4 burpees...finished 4th burpee when timer beeped...finished out last burpee for 12 rounds.

Previous 11 rounds + 8 SDHP; Rx'd

Jen B. said...

11 rounds + 10 SDHP + 7 Situps

Beat my last time, but I was really trying to make it to 12 rounds to beat Krista! didn't quite make it. The group today did a great job pushing through this. awesome times!

10 rnds + 10 SDHP + 6 situps

Jen B. said...

Amy: 11 rnds + 10 SDHP Rx'd
LisaH.: 11 rnds Rx'd
Morgan: 10 rnds + 4 SDHP
Tara: 10 rnds + 10 SDHP; 26#KB for SDHP

Anonymous said...

10 rounds + 10 SDHP
Can't remember my weight amount Jen.

Good workout!


L.A. said...

Great job everyone! I did this WOD 0430/12 wiht my kids, they kicked butt! I had to stop a few times to keep an eye on there SDHP's; I should of had at leastone more Rd, if I hadn't stopped.

9rds + 2SDHP's

Rachel @30lbs 9Rds
Stevie @50lbs 9Rds

Fitness Estrella said...

12 Rounds + 10 SDHP RX'd
I am not sure how I beat my time except that I was racing a 23 year old that was doing this. My shoulder hurt for the rest of the day. But I WON!

Previous Time:
12 Rounds + 5 SDHP's. RX'd (04/10/11)

Jenette said...

Jenette - 9 rounds + 10 SDHP. I couldn't do situps very well due to some bruising from my last situp WOD. :-) SDHP and Burpees felt good, but could have been faster!

Lisa Hobbs said...

Apparently I should have pressed a little harder. Obviously I can do better. Will have to do it again.
10 rounds plus 2 SDHP.
June 23, 2012

Lisa Hobbs said...

Oh, that was Rx'd @ 45# SDHPs.

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