Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday April 02, 2012

5 rounds
40 Double Unders (120 Singles)
30 Box jumps (20/24")
20 Kettlebell Swings (35/53#)

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Thursday, April 08, 2010


Jaime Clarke said...

This is a good one! My time was 18.40 :)

Jenette said...

Jenette - 24:39, singles, 17", 35#. Thanks Krista! Kept catching my left foot on the box but managed to land the jumps. I was really pushing with everything possible on that last round of kb's.

kq said...


This was pretty brutal...glad for the cooler weather today. Way to keep going Jenette! You did great. I am happy with my DU's today; longest set was 23...

28:27, 160 singles, 20" BJ, 35lb KB

Morgan & Jared Hochstettler said...

Paul you might want to retitle your wod. The post is for April 2nd.

This workout was really hard today (4/3/12). Doing boxjumps right after 40 DUs makes my legs feel like lead. I've never had to rest on BJs like I did today. Brutal! But I had one round where I only tripped on DUs once. Felt pretty good.

Morgan- 19:?? (Jen, please post my official time. I totally forgot it.)

Lisa Hobbs said...

Did this yesterday with Carlie.
19:16 singles 18" BJ on Carlie's fire pit. -Lisa
21:11 singles 16" BJ. -Carlie

Lisa Hobbs said...

Did this yesterday with Carlie.
19:16 singles 18" BJ on Carlie's fire pit. -Lisa
21:11 singles 16" BJ. -Carlie

Lisa Hobbs said...

Oh yeah, I did a 35# kb, and Carlie's was 16# I think. She will have to. Correct me if I am wrong about that.

Jen B. said...

19" BJ

I forgot that this is one of the worst WODs in the world! the combo of double unders and box jumps are a killer. Great job everyone!

22:43 singles, 19" BJ (8/25/11)
25:22 singles, 19" BJ (4/08/10)

Jen B. said...

Morgan: 19:16 19" BJ
Lexi: 25:09 5 DU's per round, 19" BJ, 26# KB
Hillari: singles, 19" step-up, 26#KB
Emily: 28:53: singles, 19"BJ, 26# KB

hillari said...

I don't know my exact time, but I think it was around 27:40.

Fitness Estrella said...

Oops! Hillari's time was 27:47

Anonymous said...


Lisa Hobbs said...

21:12 21' BJ
15 DU's 100 singles each round

This was so hard for me, because of the higher bench, and DUs. Wow, my last time was so much faster. Makes a difference

Lisa Hobbs said...

Oops! I only did 4 rounds! Don't know how I missed that. I will have to try thsi one again with 5! Only, not for a while :) It was still totally brutal for me in 100 degree weather with 4 rounds. Took a while for my heart rate to come down. Not sure I could have done 5.

Lisa Hobbs said...

28:31 RX'd w/ 21" BJ
This wo was soooo hard for me. The heat just kills me. Did this at 9am, but it was still horrible! Plus the BJs with double unders....not my fave. Still doing one single between each double, but it is getting smoother. I don't have to jump as high.