Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thursday March 29, 2012

25 Burpees
400m Run w/weighted ball (12#/20#)
25 Pullups
400m Run w/weighted ball
25 Handstand pushups
400m Run w/weighted ball
25 Pullups
400m Run w/weighted ball
25 Burpees


Jen B. said...

Modified HSPU

This one was tough! I found that there is really no good way to run with a wallball. I used the big wallball for the 1st 2 runs and then the Nike wallball for the 3rd & 4th - neither was better than the other! We had Brett join us for his first WOD - what a workout to start with! Great job everyone!

Morgan: 22:56; modified HSPU
Jaime: 21:18; jump. pullups, mod. HSPU
Lexi: 23:20; Pullups w/red/purple band; mod. HSPU (400m run x 1, then 200m)
Hillari: 21:22 (1/2 burpees, 300m run) jump pullups, pushups on knees
Brett: 22:00? finished through 3rd 400m run, mod. HSPU, 12# med ball

Lisa Hobbs said...

Had to modify the wo since I was at home and didn't have the proper equipment. I did:
25 burpees
4 rounds
400m run with 12# wallball
25 pushups (hand release)
25 burpees

still a really hard WO! arms were so tired from holding wallball and pushups. I am with Jen that there is no good way to hold wallball. I did my hips (which I will probably have bruises from) and on my shoulders.

kq said...

Modified HSPU
14lb WB

The run was pretty much a killer...pullups were tough today but I pushed through; did better on 1st set - Leslie passed me up on the 2nd set. Flew through my burpees, especially the 2nd set to pass Leslie back up! Nice job Leslie!! Thank you!

L.A. said...

Yes this one was a bit tougher then it looks! We had fun on my street with people looking at us funny running with the ball!! I found that resting the ball on the back side of my head was best, should of used a towel on my neck. Yes I did pass Krista by a hair, but she blew right through the last set of Burpees unbroken!! Nice job girl.

Modified HSPU
14# Ball