Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday March 18, 2012

25 Handstand Pushups
50 Toes 2 Bar
800M Run
75 Push Press (45#/75#)
150 Double Unders


Jen B. said...

HSPU w/assist (Paul holding my feet)

I did NOT like this WOD! EVERYTHING was hard. Had to break up the HSPU into 4 rnds, started with 12 T2B and slowly 35 I was doing 5 at a time. It started raining just in time for the 800m run. I had no strength on the push press - I started with 16 and slowly declined. I ended the push press at 19:00. I had to do the DU's in the rain and my jumprope broke on 103 - luckily I had another and was able to finish it up. It stopped raining right when I finished my DU's! :) Good luck with this one!

kq said...
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Fitness Estrella said...

I did 800M Run, 75 One Arm PP (35# DB) and 150 DU's in 11:10. My run was 3:10 in the rain. I was able to do 40 DU's off the bat and became very tiring at the end. Finished doing sets of 10 - 15. Glad to be doing something again.

L.A. said...

Did an older WOD from 1/21/10, not bad.

10 C/J's
30 Situps


Prv> 1/21/10

L.A. said...

Just did this WOD with Krista. Omg my T2b where crapy, HSPU's where modified on the BJ's, PP"s where slow about half way. Krista's DU's are awesome!!! Was able to do 1 to 2 DU ever 10singles up until 300 Lol!! legs where like jelly. The run well i was wanting to take a taxi home, didnt want to RUN back ha Ha!

HSPU (modified)

kq said...


Modified HSPU; 45lb PP, DU's

I kind of liked this.
Had to stop 3 or 4 times on HSPU. T2B were okay; got to 30 and after that did 5-7 at a time. 800m run felt good. PP I got to 30 and then did 10-15 until done. DU's KILLED me and took FOREVER...I was quite frustrated and shouted a colorful word or two :0)
Did this with Leslie and she did great; even as tired as she was she kept on trying to get DU's in! Nice work Jen and Paul!

Jen B. said...

Great job girls! I am glad someone was able to share in my misery!

Lisa Hobbs said...

Modified HSPU on the table
45# pp
T2B felt pretty good
450 singles
800 m felt okay too

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