Saturday, March 17, 2012

Saturday March 17, 2012

Gladiator Race
5K Run

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Tuesday December 06, 2011


Anonymous said...

awesome race!! If I hadn't rolled my ankle would like to have went and played in some of the obstacles! :)


kq said...

Congrats to all who ran the Gladiator run today!

Today I did:
150 KB swings (only) for time:
35lb KB

1 mile run

Morgan & Jared Hochstettler said...

Had a BLAST running Gladiator Rock N Run with those who came out! Since most of us are used to slightly easier 5Ks, it was a nice challenge to run the rocky and oftentimes steep terrain that the run afforded. The obstacles were not so much challenging as just a fun break from the running! Good times. They posted our times on the Gladiator site. I took the liberty of writing everyone's down so hope you guys don't mind if I post it.

Team Estrella Hills finished 26 out of 113 teams.

Morgan- 59:14.1
Age Group: 20th
By Sex: 66th
Overall: 308th
Lisa- 59:33.9
Age: 24th
Sex: 70th
Overall: 324th
Jaime- 59:22.2
Age: 23rd
Sex: 67th
Overall: 314th
Bridgette- 1:24:33.1
Age: 233
Sex: 632
Overall: 1535
Tara- 1:07:14.2
Age: 57
Sex: 195
Overall: 672
Sarah- 1:15:28.5
Age: 230
Sex(was in the male bracket since she was running for Jared) 715
Overall: 1113
Ginger- Sorry, I didn't know your last name but there were only 2 Gingers so you finished either at 1:11:18 or 1:19:31 and by age you were either 102nd or 185th

Devin- 59:32.1
Age: 81st
Sex: 253
Overall: 321
Justin- 59:16.3
Age: 79
Sex: 245
Overall: 311
Jeff- 1:24:32.8
Age: 303
Sex: 901
Overall: 1532
Rayne- 1:05:53.4
Age: 101
Sex: 449
Overall: 616
Seth- 1:07:14.3
Age: 154
Sex: 478
Overall: 673

Oh and if for some silly reason you feel you weren't awesome, remember the race had over 2400 participants!! You all did so AWESOME! Can't wait to do another one!

Lisa Hobbs said...

Devin said one of his friends ran the race, and his GPS said that it was actually 5.1 miles. We will have to go out and clock it sometime or, maybe I can do it on walkjogrun. Anyway that makes better sense though for our times. Like Morgan said, the obstacles were not that difficult, so our time for a 5k shouldn't have been that slow. We never stopped running. Will have to look into it.