Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday March 12, 2012


Handstand Pushups
Ring Dips
Pushups (Hand Release)


Lisa Hobbs said...

Did WO at the park with Jeff, Bridgette and Lexi from December 29, 2010. Times posted there.

Jen B. said...

Ring dips w/ red band
Modified HSPU - feet on park table

This was absolutely brutal on the arms! I did this with Lisa and we were both cursing the WOD the entire time! I started with a purple band on ring dips, but after about 10, swithched to red because my arms were done! Thanks for the company, Lisa!

kq said...

Purple band
modified HSPU; park table

This was okay for me; thinking my HSPU form must not have been good enough or needed to do ring dips w/out band. Arms fatigued but felt good. Did mile run after 8:27.

Jen B. said...

Lisa: 11:45
red/purple band for ring dips
modified HSPU w/ feet on park table

Jenette said...

Jenette - 10:04, modified hspu and purple band. This was a killer, I have a limited rom on my modified hspu.