Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday March 09, 2012

AMRAP in 18 Minutes
15 Box Jumps (20"/24")
12 Push Press (75#/115#)
9 Toes to Bar

This is the third CF Open WOD 12.3 (posted on 3/08) this year to qualify for the Games.
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L.A. said...

Krista and I pushed big time to do Rx'd WOD! man that was hard but solid, wat to go women!! BJ's always sucks for me, Got 6 PP's in a row could not get pasted that mark throughout the WO, T2Bar that wasn't a pretty site!! I was very pleased with myself with my results.

4Rds +15 BJ's +7PP's

19" BJ's

kq said...

5 rounds + 13 BJ's
75lb PP; 21" BJ

Way intense on those PP. First round got all 12. Rounds 2-3 got 8+4, rounds 4-5 got 6+4+2, T2B actually went well for me and BJ's too...amazing job Leslie!

Jen B. said...

5 rounds + 15 BJ + 10 PP
75#PP, 19" BJ

This wasn't too bad except for the push press! I think the heaviest I have done is 70# - so this was a 5# increase for me. Did 10-2 the first round, then 7-5 for 2nd and 3rd, 5-4-3 for 4&5. couldn't do more than 3 on the final round. Leslie, Krista - way to go!

Jen B. said...

LisaH: 7rnds + 1 BJ; 55#, 19" BJ
Lexi: 5 rnds + 15 BJ,12 PP, 3 K2E; 50#, 19" BJ
Hillari: 5 rnds + 5 BJ; 50#, 19", modified K2E,

L.A. said...

Did todays WOD with Krista yesterday!! You all did great, you all need to think about uping your weight a bit on these WO! Need to THINK out of the BOX, ( UP 5lbs here, 5lbs there) I have faith in all of you. Stop thinking about how long its going to take, its all about what you can accomplish, and how, in a short period of time.

Ran 1.57 miles 3/9/12

L.A. said...

Sorry I made a mistake on my Running time. It should of been


Morgan & Jared Hochstettler said...

I watched one of the videos from the leaderboard of someone that did 10 rounds and she started with the worst box jumps ever so I thought I had some confidence that I could match those rounds. And then I met pushpress. I could only do 65# and I could only do a maximum of 6 at a time ann in later rounds, 4 at at time. Toes to bar are difficult but I was able to do them. If my hands didn't get so slippery I may have been able to get a few rounds unbroken but I don't have chalk at home. Box jumps were flawless and unbroken except on one jump where my foot caught the edge of my chair and my shin came down hard. I'm officially part of the boxjump injury club. That was really painful! All in all, a fun wod. Wish I could get back to doing rx'd weight.

Morgan- 6 Rounds + 15BJs
23" bJ
T2B rx'd