Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wednesday February 22, 2012

21 Front Squats (75/115#)
200m Farmer Carry (35/53#)
15 Front Squats
200m Farmer Carry
9 Front Squats
200m Farmer Carry

*Farmer carry requires carrying a kettlebell or dumbell in each hand for the required distance. For example, a woman would walk 200m with a 35# Kettlebell in each hand (like a bucket of water) for 200 meters.

If needed, carry your weighted bar behind your neck on your shoulders. This is not a farmer carry and therefore not RX'd. This is just an example how you can still do a WOD if you do not have the available equipment. Although if you held the weight in front of you, that can be considered RX'd.


L.A. said...

Today I did last Thur WOD! Who came up with that one! The rest was the killer, it made you shut down, to only pump yourself back up!

34:10 with rest time

kq said...

75lb Front squats
25lb Farmer carry

The worst for me was the farmer carry; I used 2 metal 25lb plates and they were very difficult to keep a grip on and had to stop too many times to change the grip from the edge to the hole. Front squats were good; all unbroken.

L.A. said...

Nice job Krista! I'm sure it was very hard to carry the plates, you did well!! Did this WOD today 2/24/12, Could only do 11 Frt/Sqt at a time! Farmer walks first Rd walked both ways no-stop, last 2Rds had to put down twice up/twice back! I was a fun WO!

30lb DB's (heaviest I hv)

Anonymous said...

65 lb front squat
35 lb db

I thought that the farmer carry would be easy and the front squat would be hard, but it was the other way around. Did all front squats without stopping. But the farmer carry stopped once first rnd, twice second round. And four times last round. My forearms were on fire and my fingers went numb from the grip. Good workout!

Sandra R .

Anonymous said...

10:38 rx'd


L.A. said...

Nice job Jared and Sandra!! This was an arm burner!

Jen B. said...

11:45 Rx'd

I thought both exercises were tough! My wrists were fatiguing holding the bar on front squats (had to drop once on the 21 and 15 reps). Only made it through the first farmer carry without having drop it a couple times (I used 2 35# KB).

Jen B. said...

Jesse: 14:08 65#/30# farmer carry w DBs
Cheri: ??? 55#/35# farmer carry w/ DBs

Cheri started after Jesse and me, but she seemed pretty fast. I am guessing probably somewhere around 11:00.

Jenette said...

Jenette - 14:26, 65#, 35#. Used my adjustable weight dumbbells which were so wide u had to hold my arms out. Really helped my grip, tho!