Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday February 03, 2012

10 Rounds
5 Deadlifts (Body Weight)
10 Situps
15 Double Unders (45 singles)

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Monday, September 19, 2012


Jaime Clarke said...

My time was 14.10 minutes. Lots of fun!

Lisa Hobbs said...

Did Wed WO at the park with Carlie and Jessie. Time posted there.

L.A. said...

Did Tues WOD today. Wasn't to bad, the frt/sqt where a bit hard. Forgot what it is like to use Dumbellls. Had to do Stepups, haveing mager issues with my feet! The bones are wareing a way between ankle and foot.


kq said...

Did wednesday's wod today.

Jen B. said...

13:13 Rx'd (120#)

Good WOD! 15 DU's per round is about perfect for me right now. I was able to get all DU's unbroken for 3 of the 10 rounds.

15:01 115# (9/19/11)
17:01 115# (2/27/11)

Jen B. said...

The weightlifting class was great today! We mostly worked on the deadlift and then finished up with the WOD.

Jesse: 12:04 80#, singles
Lara: 13:23 60#, singles
Amber: 14:05 60#, singles
Brian: 16:00 100#, singles

kq said...


I did 5 extra sit ups the first round...could not get all 15 DU's in a row; only got to 14...sheesh.

12:21 115lbs, DU's (9-20-11)
20:14 115lbs, DU's 2-4 at a time (2-27-11)

Morgan & Jared Hochstettler said...

9:27 Rx'd (195lbs)


Cheri M. said...

35# KB deadlifts(mainly practiced form since I have no bar.)
45 singles for jr

Ran a little over a mile 1.23 to the store, ran into my kids and then walked home with my girl:)

Happy Sunday Everyone! Its soo gorgeous out!!

L.A. said...

Just did this WOD today; 2/6/12! Not bad should of used a bit more weight. Got a few more DU then I usually do Ya! Got all 5 DL's everytime. Hey Krista you posted that you did 15 DL's? Hope u missed typed that!

Some DU's

115lbs Singles

hillari said...

Hillari 13:52 50#, singles
Lexi 13:12 50#, singles

Lexi certainly could have done more weight, but we were sharing my bar and that is all the weight I have, and probably all I should do right now.

Jenette said...

Jenette - 12:58, 80# (due to knee injury), singles. This felt good! I had to really focus on form during dl's and jumprope.

Previous: Jenette - 13:40, 125# (RX'd!!!!) and singles.