Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thursday January 05, 2012

5 Rounds
200M Run
15 Thrusters (45#/75#)
15 Burpees facing bar

Burpees facing bar - face the bar drop down and do a burpee then do a broad jump over the bar to the other side. Face the bar again and repeat.

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Saturday May 21, 2011


Fitness Estrella said...

16:22 RX'd
5 Rounds
200M Run
15 - 35# One Arm Dumbbell Thruster (Left) with a 40# weighted vest on. Total = 75#
15 - Left Lateral Down Up with a 12" Broad Jump (over parallelette). Bar is only 9".

This was good but having a weighted vest on was nauseating. Of course I put it on and took it off every round for just the Thrusters. I had to drop the DB once in the 4th round. My arm is feeling better although my range of motion is still limited. Everything is still passive. I think I will try Hildalgo tomorrow with the weighted vest.

Previous Time:
16:43 RX'd (05/21/11)

Jen B. said...

20:00 Rx'd

This was tough, but good. I am happy that my knee is feeling better - didn't bother me at all today. I was able to do all thrusters without dropping weight, although I did rest once rounds 3-5.

21:49 Rx'd (5/21/2011)

Jen B. said...

Rayne: 20:21 100# sandbag for thrusters
Morgan: 22:18 Rx'd
Jaime: 20:06 35#

L.A. said...

Did not want to WO today after the last 2days WO's! Krista and I knocked this one out together today. Not to bad, I fell behind half way through the 2nd rd. Glad it over, I was happy with my time though. Thanks Krista


kq said...

18:48; Rx'd

Do NOT like jumping over the bar. TH's unbroken and tried to keep a steady pace on the burpees...runs were good today. Leslie said she couldn't do 15 TH's without putting the bar down BUT she DID! Told you so Leslie...nice work...take a break now! :0)

21:36; Rx'd (05-21-11)

Morgan & Jared Hochstettler said...

Morgan- 22:18

I like that I still did better than the last time I did this but I kinda wish I'd been able to shave off serveral rather than 1 minute.

Previous time for this was 23:05 35# (5/23/11)

Anonymous said...

Wow I was not very impressed with my time today. Bar facing Burpees sucked and really took up a lot of my time. Thrusters were done without droping the bar. After looking at my previous time I guess I did not do too bad.

19:54 Rx'd

May 21st 2011
25:30 Rx'd


Jenette said...

Jenette - 21:56 Rx'd...the run and thrusters felt good, burpees felt slow but were unbroken. Thrusters were broken up into 10-5.

Hunter - 30:26, 65# th, 250m row

Lisa Hobbs said...

21:46 RX'd. This was sooo hard for me. Really tried to make sure I had a once deep squat on the thrusters. Burpees facing bar was brutal. Running was a brake. Only did first round of thrusters unbroken. All the rest were 8-7.

Lisa Hobbs said...

I meant "nice deep squat".