Sunday, January 1, 2012

Sunday January 01, 2012


AMRAP in 15 Minutes
5 Deadlifts (Body Weight)
10 Kettlebell Swings (44#/70#)
20 Jumps over the Bar

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Monday June 27, 2011


L.A. said...

Did a WOD from 12/2/11 today! WO with both my kids, so did something we all could do at the same time! They both did great with this one.

20 KB
20 Situps
20 Pushups H/R

KB @ 30lbs

KB @15lbs

KB @20lbs

L.A. said...

Oops! Correction on my time, by my kids!


Jenette said...

Jenette - 8 rounds, 5 dl, 5 kb
DL 125#
Kb 35#

This felt much better than last time! KB's unbroken until last two rounds due to grip fatigue.

Previous time
6 Rounds, 5 DL's and 10 KB's
100# DL
35# KB

L.A. said...

Did this today with Jen 1/03/11! I didn't have a post from last WO, this was done right after my surgery. But I did use 10lbs more then I normally use with KB's! That good enough for me. Thanks for the company, I would of been in my PJ's all day.Lol Also Stevie did this WOD when I got home AWeSUME job!

7rds +3DL's

115# DL's
40# KB's

Stevie > 11Rds
DL's @ 80lbs
KB's @ 25lbs

Jen B. said...

9 rounds + 5 DL + 6 KB
Rx'd (120# DL)

I did this with Leslie - great WOD! Increased wt. on KB and DL and beat my previous time.

9 rnds + 5 DL (6/28/11)
115# DL
40# DB for KB

Cheri M. said...

Made up my own Wo since I wasnt on the computer much. Did this @ my parent house on the driveway
5 Rounds
15 KB swings 26#
25 Situps
15 Wallballls @ 9 12#
75 JR singles
10 burpees
21:32 RX'd

kq said...

130lb DL
35lb KB (heaviest I have)

9 rounds...timer beeped as I was doing my last jump over bar!!

I meant to do 125lbs; once I started I realized I calculated wrong...just did it anyway! Was hurting by the 6th round.

Previous: 8 + 5DL + 10KB (115lb/40lb)

Fitness Estrella said...

10 Rounds, 5 DL's, 10 KB's and 19 Jumps over Bar
135# One armed Deadlifts (Left)
35# One armed Kettlebells (Left)

Good WOD!

Previous Times:
9 Rounds, 5 DL's and 2 KB's RX'd
205# Deadlifts
70# Kettlebell Swings
Finished 10 rounds in 16:08.

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