Saturday, January 14, 2012

Saturday January 14, 2012

Start Time 12:20
12.5 Miles with 29 Brutal Obstacles! CAN YOU HANG?
1)Braveheart Charge - Charge into battle with 5,000 other people.
2)Kiss of Mud - Eat dirt as you crawl on your belly under wire set only 8" from the ground.
3)Chenobyl Jacuzzi - Jump in and out of an icy mixture of assorted carcinogens.
4)Berlin Walls #1 - Scale series of 12' high walls.
5)Jumpin' Bail - Cross a field jumping from hay bail (round) to hay bail (round).
6)Mystery Obstacle
7)Bump and Grind - Take a quick jump over a short bump only to go belly down crawling over a pit of jagged and crushed gravel.
8)Devil's Beard - You will get caught like a fly in a spider's web in the annoyingly low cargo nets.
9)Boa Constricter - Crawl through a series of pipes into freezing muddy water.
10)Mystery Obstacle
11)Bale Bonds - Hurdle over enormous hay bails. Watch out for the one with a pitch fork inside.
12)Twinkle Toes - Make your way across a log bridge without falling into a freezing cold lake.
13)Hold your Wood - Drag a log up a hill and back down.
14)Shake and Bake - Get hosed down by the Fire Department and crawl through sand.
15)Berlin Walls #2 - Scale series of 12' high walls.
16)Mud Mile - Make your way through a maze and trenches of thick mud.
17)Mystery Obstacle
18)King of the Mountain - Overcome at least 4 levels of hay bails.
19)Log Jammin' - Navigate over and under a series of logs.
20)Walk the Plank - Jump off a 15' high plank into a freezing pond and swim out.
21)Dirty Holes - Wave through a maze of trenches in thick mud.
22)Spider's Web - Climb up and over 2 cargo nets.
23)Berlin Walls #3 - Scale series of 12' high walls.
24)Shocks on the Rocks - Crawl on your belly across slime with electrified wires across 8" above the ground.
25)Turd's Nest - Make your away across the fragile net high above the ground.
26)Cliff Hanger - Scramble up and over the hills of the muddy mountain track.
27)Everest - Reach the top of a slippery giant quarter pipe (skateboard pipe).
28)Funky Monkey - Make your way across monkey bars over a icy cold lake. Some bars are greased with butter.
29)Electro Shock Therapy - Sprint through a field of live wires. Some carry a charge of 10,000 volts.


kq said...

Go get some!!!! :0)

Jen B. said...

3:17:36 Rx'd!

This was awesome! So much fun! Unfortunately we lost Jared, Morgan, Jason and Katie just before the we had Paul, Mike C, Julie (my sister), and me. Also Angela was with was for a lot of it. It took us a little over 3 hours to complete. There were a few obstacles we had to wait in line to complete.

Toughest Obstacles:
#1 Chernobyl Jacuzzi (had to swim under a wall in ICY cold water)
#2 Walk the Plank
#3 Everest

Fitness Estrella said...

This was awesome. Unfortunately I could not do about 8 events. I wore a sling the entire event! Jen, Julie Mike and Angela did awesome. I had to push just to keep up with them.
I was able to get 2.5 hours of continuous video. Unfortunately the battery ran out and was not able to capture the monkey bars or the ElectroShock Therapy. I also wore a foot pod to get our mileage, speed and time. I could not get my foot pod to turn on until 5.5 minutes into the race. Once it turned on we were doing a 7.0 pace. I calculated my watch missed ~ .66 miles.
We are already planning for another TOUGH MUDDER RACE.

Distance (watch) - 12.84 miles total
Distance (first 5:30 missed) - ~13.50 miles total
Ave speed during runs first half - 6.9 MPH
Ave speed during runs last half - 6.7 MPH
Ave speed for entire race (wait time, obstacles, ect.) - 4.0 MPH
Max Speed - 8.0 MPH

Jenette said...

I completed the race with my two cousins who are amazing runners and athletes in general. We did not record our race in any way! We just had a great time getting muddy. I fell in the water on Walk the Plank and the Monkey Bars (with video on this one). We felt good and dried off between obstacles for the most part until the last mile. I started shivering and literally turned blue! We pigged out on pizza afterward and I went to bed EARLY. :-) We had a GREAT time! Wish we would have seen you guys!

Fitness Estrella said...

Nice Job Jenette, Jennifer and Jacqui. Wish we saw you.
I forgot to mention that Jennifer, Julie and Mike did EVERY single obstacle! I believe Angela did them all as well! NICE JOB EVERYBODY!

Morgan & Jared Hochstettler said...

This was an awesome event we are totally down for another Tough Mudder and anything that would be close to the Tough Mudder Challenge. There is some argument about our time it was between 3hrs and 30-50min. It was a fun race regardless of time. It was fun to have the camaraderie of other racers. It was also awesome to see how much crossfit has helped me achieve the physical stamina and strength to do this type of race without being dead at the end. Thanks Burgess's for putting this team together and getting us physically prepared with the WODs.

Jared Rx'd completed every obstacle except fell at the monkey bars with 4 rungs left, also did not get shocked.

Morgan Rx'd completed all obstacles a bit scared at the 15 foot drop and fell at the monkey bars, also she did not get shocked.

Sandra R said...

I did this on Sunday with two other girls ( Megan and Kim). Had a fun time! I skipped one obstacle ( the 15 ft jump into water) as I am not a strong swimmer. I fell off the monkey bars after about 4. The incline made it difficult. My team mates did them all. We were able to run the whole time between obstacles. Finished in 3 hours exact. I got shocked 4 times and have the markings to prove it!! I had fun felt strong and would be willing to do it again, but WILL NOT ever go through electricity again!!! That is just silly crazy!!! Great work to all of you. Thank you Fitness Estrella for all the great work out posts to help prepare for this event.

Jenette said...

PS...just a note while I was thinking of it, until Hildalgo which included a 4mi run, I had only run a max of 3 mi (ever!). This event tripled my max run distance. Not only that, but I was able to run between each obstacle until the end. I was very happy with the results, and so glad to have the Crossfit training. We definitely need to do this again. :-)

Fitness Estrella said...

You are all awesome. Jenette, you more than quadrupled your run. Jen and I doubled our longest run. We only ran a 7 mile run twice.... and this was not bad at all.
I also want to say as much as I like competition and the drive to push, this race was also a big part of what we are and that is a TEAM. We all worked together, pushed and supported each and everyone of us. On top of that we ran a half marathon while participating in 29 fatiguing obstacles. We were wet, cold, muddy and hurt, but we didn't even flinch and we did this like it was a piece of cake! Keep it up.