Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tuesday December 06, 2011

5K Run


5k Row

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5K Run = Monday Sepetember 26, 2011
5K Row = Sunday October 16, 2011


hillari said...

I ran one mile at the park with Morgan. I ran it in 9:30. I know for most of you this is not a great time, but this is the first timed mile I have run since grade school, so I feel pretty good about being under 10:00.

L.A. said...

Did yesterdays WOD posted there! Omg!

Fitness Estrella said...

I broke this one up today. I couldn't do a whole 5K Run because it jars my shoulder to much and I couldn't do a whole 5K Row because it is so dang hard to row with just your left arm.
1600M (1 mile) Run = 8:47
1600M (1 mile) Row = 6:57 - one arm
800M (1/2 mile) Run = 4:40
800M (1/2 mile) Row = 3:07 - one arm
200M Run = :55
All completed in 25:00 with transition time.

Previous Times:
21:38 - 3.05 Miles (09/26/11)
Felt good! It was the first time in 5 fingers at this distance.
21:16 - 2.63 Miles (7/21/11)
28:36 - 3.6 Mile Loop in Auburn. (7/11/10)
19:59:85 - 5K PR (1/29/10) This hurt!
21:22 5K - (11/01/09) Pushing Shea in a jogging stroller.

18:58.9 5K Meters RX'd (10/16/11)
9:36 2500 Meters
1:53.8 / 500M Pace (Total)

19:13 5K Meters RX'd (03/27/10)
9:35 2.5K Meters
7:36 2K Meters

19:07 5K Meters RX'd (12/27/09)
7:21 2K Meters

Anonymous said...

Ran a mile today with Hilari. She did awesome! I was hoping to beat my last time but apparently my feet were too frozen! Even when I thought I was speeding up on a lap, I ended with the exact same time every lap, which is cool I guess that I kept pace but frustrating when I was going for super speed today. I finished at 6:38.

Anonymous said...

5k run 28:12

Previous 28:40

Sandra R

Lisa Hobbs said...

Did 100 burpees. Didn't keep time for the first 50 because I forgot to start my watch, but the last 50 were 4:15, so I am guessing a time around 8 min.