Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tuesday December 20, 2011

Squat Cleans (80#/135#)
Kness to Elbows

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Monday April 18, 2011


Jen B. said...

11:00 75#

This was hard! I smoked my last time though, so I was happy about that. I'm not quite ready for 80# on this WOD...maybe next time... couldn't do more than 2 at a time.

Previous times:
14:06 75# (4/18/11)
9:34 60# (2/23/10)
9:49 60# (12/15/09)
14:38 60# (9/13/09)

Anonymous said...

13:49 RX'd

WOW! All I have to say is THANKS Paul and Jen. I looked at my previous time and weight and I am amazed by the improvement.

17:04 115# (4/18/11)

20lbs more and more than 3minutes shaved off my time. THIS IS AWESOME. (Also Jason if you are reading this and not posting, this is an example of why you should post to see your progress.)


Fitness Estrella said...

My arm still will not move much and still has alot of pain at times.

Previous Times:
9:44 RX'd (04/18/11)
8:56 RX'd (2/23/10)
9:44 RX'd (12/15/09)

Fitness Estrella said...

Awesome Job by Jen! I watched her do this and just smoked it. Yes you were only doing 2 at a time but you would pick it right back up. You killed it! You are amazing!
Nice Job Jared! It'll even get better.

L.A. said...

Well this was intence! Glad I had Krista to do this with! Jen set the bar high for us Ha! Ha! So we had to use 75lbs as well OMG! Was able to do 3 Sqt/Cl's in a row, for the most part, then slowly declined to 2! K2E went well. Smoked my last time to! Krista pushed hard, and pushed me! Nice job everyone! My son did this after us, nice job Stevie!


Prv Times
14:42 @70lbs (04/11)
10:08 @55lbs (2/10)
11:07 @50lbs (12/09)
16:10 @60lbs (9/09)

@ 40lbs

kq said...

10:58; 75lbs

Wow...these little WOD's can be so HARD! Pretty much did one SC at a time but I was much better on K2E. Nice job Leslie...you finally started to SC instead of PC then squat...lol!! :0) Nice work Stevie!

12:25; 70lbs; 04/18/11
9:32; 60lbs; 02/23/10
11:58; 60lbs; 12/15/09

kq said...

Jen you KICK ASS; Leslie and I totally knew we had to push to get close to your time - and dang Jared - way to kill it!! Paul - do they have you doing any therapy yet?

Lisa Hobbs said...

Did Wo from Saturday. Time posted there.

Jenette said...

Jenette - 8:14, 60#... Made this too easy! I was shocked to see the clock. I was going to use 65# but considering what happened with the push presses the other day I figured I would not go with a pr today. Broke it up: 9/6/6, 8/7, 5/4. Went for a mile run with the dog and am practicing DU's now.

Fitness Estrella said...

@ Krista - Yes I started passive therapy this week and will stay passive for 3 more weeks.
@ Jenette - Wow that is awesome. Great job. I think 65# would have been good or maybe 70#. Remember you are much stronger now.

Jenette said...

Hunter - 14:10, 80#, situps

Thanks, Paul! I always debate on going for higher weight vs getting a faster time, either way has it's benefits in power output and results.