Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tuesday December 13, 2011



Cheri M. said...

Did a quick WO @ Starpointe today. Didnt time myself.
4 Rounds
35#DB Kettlebell Swings
10 pushups regular and Hand release when I was tired.
20 Situps

Finished with 15 minutes on the rower and ran 2.5 miles @ a slow pace(9min mile?)on treadmill. I cant stand the treadmill! Those 2.5 seemed like 8 miles to me.

Jen B. said...

Nice job Cheri! I don't blame you for going indoors today. I did Sunday's WOD - times posted there.

Lisa Hobbs said...

Did the WOD from last year. Time posted there, 12/13/10.