Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thursday December 08, 2011

5 Rounds
200M Run
3 Power Cleans (100#/185#)
10 Deadlifts (100#/185#)
20 Jumping Air Squats

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Sunday June 12, 2011


Fitness Estrella said...

13:02 with 95# Bar (one handed while in a sling)

I figured I would use half the weight since I was using just my left arm. So I went with 95#. My runs are still slow because of the movement it causes on my shoulder. Power Cleans were strong, Deadlifts were good and the Jumping Squats are always tough.

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13:11 RX'd (06/12/11)

Jen B. said...

13:31 90#

Tried 95# but could not clean it. 90# was good - same weight I used last time with this WOD. It was COLD this morning, but warmed up after a couple rounds. Paul did awesome with his one arm workout, Jenette and Hillari did a great job as well with the weights.

Previous: 14:48 90# (6/12/11)

Jen B. said...

Jenette: 14:12 75#
Hillari: 15:49 50#

Anonymous said...

Jared and I did the workout that was probably going on at the park today.

5 Rounds
200m Run
3 PC
10 DL
20 Jumping Air Squats

Jared- 12:48 145#
Morgan- 14:01 80#
that was my first time cleaning that much weight. In rounds 3 through 5, I was able to get two in a row but otherwise, I had to mentally/physically prepare myself before each clean. That was tough!

Jenette said...

Jen, thanks for posting all of this. It was certainly cold, and I have a cold, so the combination was not the best! However, I'm happy to have shortened my time by 6 mins. I tried out 85# prior to starting but wasn't able to keep it up so took off 10# right away in the first round. Next time I'll go for 80#.

Jenette - 20:34, 75#, June 17

L.A. said...

Just dd this WOD today 12/12/11. Not bad I was pleased with the out come. Should of went with 5lbs more, but was a bit shakie. Nice job everyone!