Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tuesday November 15, 2011

10 Rounds
15 Deadlifts (80#/135#)
15 Pushups*
*(make sure chest hits ground and extend (lockout) completely - no need for hand release)

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Friday October 15, 2010


Fitness Estrella said...

12:47 RX'd
This was tough but I gruelled it out. I was going to stop doing my pushups chest/nose 2 ground after the 5th round but decided against it when the 6th round came. My shoulder did not hurt but felt weak and all I could hear was crunching and tearing sounds. Oh Well! I beat my last time.

Previous Times:
13:52 RX'd (10/15/10)

10:33 RX'd (03/12/10)
I was in my best shape at this time.

Sandra R said...

I cant' remember my time, but Jen will hopefully post later. Deadlifts were not hard to me, but the pushups killed me.. My shoulder are so shaky now I could barely wash my hair. Had to go to knees on third round due to my shoulders being so shaky from the KB yesterday. Great job girls!!!

Morgan & Jared Hochstettler said...

I also can't remember my time. I just know I was last to finish. I'm with Sandra; the deadlifts weren't the tough part. I did all but 1 round unbroken. Pushups on the hand were ridiculous today! I could get about 7 every round before I needed a break. And by about round 5 I couldn't get more than 2 at a time after my first 7. Tough stuff but awesome job to everyone including the boys who were doing their own thing involving running and kettlebells nearby.

Jen B. said...

14:44 Rx'd

Pushups were brutal. Deadlifts were no problem. My shoulders/arms were a little as well after this one. Good job everyone!

16:57 Rx'd (10/15/10)

Jen B. said...

Sandra: 17:36 80#, knee-assist pushups after rnd 3
Morgan: 17:55 Rx'd
JaimeC: 17:40 65# DL

Lisa Hobbs said...

Did 45 min on the eliptical and 100 situps. I know it is not really crossfit, but it is what I felt like doing today :)

Anonymous said...

16:05 Rx'd
Wanted a sub 10min at my 5th round I could not keep up with the 1 minute a round pace. Then I wanted a sub 15 minute WO but this what I got.


kq said...

14:53; Rx'd

Pushups were brutal!
13:47 75lbs; 12/16/10
17:09; Rx'd 10/15/10
11:49; Rx'd 03/12/10 (did not do C2G on p/u)

Jenette said...

Jenette : 19:45, Rx'd, dl's were no problem but pushups were 5 at a time.

kq said...

12:20 Rx'd

Very happy with time! Pushups were tough after 5 rnds; broke them up 9/6 or 10/5...last round pushed to do all 15!