Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thursday November 03, 2011

3 Rounds
15 Overhead Squats (60#/95#)
15 Pullups
15 Push Press/Jerks (60#/95#)
15 Knees to Elbows
15 Squat Cleans (60#/95#)
15 Good Mornings (60#/95#)

Good Mornings - Keep feet, shoulder width apart. Grab bar with sdhp grip and raise bar opening hips while keeping legs straight (straight legged deadlift). Let arms hang keeping body close to legs/body.

Substitute Front Squats for OH Squats.
Substitute Situps X 2 (Unsecured) for K2E's.


Lisa Hobbs said...

-Overhead Squats (2 rounds 45#, couldnn't keep that up, so 1 round at 35#)
-Jumping Pullups
-Push Press 60# (So hard! Could only get about three at a time the last two rounds
-Knees to Elbows
-Squat cleans 45#
-Good Mornings 35#
Lots of weights, so it was a good WO for me. This was the first time I had ever done Squat Cleans and Overhead Squats

Morgan & Jared Hochstettler said...

Today was killer!
Morgan- 28:54
PU- Blue PT Band, unbroken on 1st round
PP- rx'd- last round was short 3 from being unbroken!
K2E- slightly modified, but some were done completely!
SC- rx'd, maybe 4 at a time. These were the hardest for me
GM- 35#, my back is just too weak yet for more than that.

The group did pretty awesome as well. We spent about an hour going over the correct form for each exercise. I didn't want people doing the workout (especially overhead squats and squat cleans) if form looked poor. All but Lisa still struggle with the clean movement but with the lower weights, most pulled off a great wod!

Cheri- 17:57
PU- Hand release pushups
PP-2 rounds @35, 1 round @25
K2E- situps
SC- 35#
GM- 35#

Jesse- 19:23
OS- 45#
PU- jumping
PP- 45#
K2E- rx'd
SC- 45#
GM- 2 rounds @45#, 1 round @ 25#

Bridgette- 17:10
OS- 25#
PU- jumping?
PP- 35#
K2E- not sure what she did
SC- 25#
GM- 53# kettlebell

Jaime was there but had to leave early so I never got her stats. Hopefully she'll post on her own.

Fitness Estrella said...

21:29 RX'd except subbed Front Squats for OH Squats.

I am very pleased with my performance. I tried a practice OH Squat Pre WOD and couldn't even hold my right arm up at that angle with just a 45# bar. So I opted to do Front Squats. I felt pretty strong with everything that didn't need my arms overhead. The Push Press was almost entirely generated from my legs and through my hips. The Pullups and K2E's felt straining to my right arm. Sqaut Cleans were strong and broke them up into 9 and 6. The Good Mornings I felt a bunch in my hamstrings. All in all this was a great WOD!

Fitness Estrella said...

Nice Job Everybody! I just want to give a little advice although I was not there.
Certain WOD's such as the one posted is meant to do all weight exercises with the same amount of weight. You may ask, What if you can not do the same weight with OH Squats as the rest? There are 2 simple answers. The first would be that If this is the case you shouldn't be doing OH Squats. This is an advanced movement that takes some training and practice. This is why below the WOD it states to substitute F. Squats for OH Squats. The second answer would be regardless if you absolutely want to do every exercise the way it is RX'd or not, You should find the weight that would most benefit you to use for every exercise. If 45# is all you can do for OH Squats (if you haven't done this movement at least a couple times you shouldn't do it) then use 45# for everything else. The better way would be to do FS and use RX'd weight for everything until you have learned and perfected the movement of OH Squats.

Please understand I need to tell you this. I am very excited for all of you and the eagerness to learn and perform the new exercises. I on the other hand want to keep everybody from getting injured and allow for the most benefit from any given workout.

When looking at the listed times and based off of the skill level for each one of you, if your time is below 25 minutes, then you are either super SAVAGE (should join the CF Games) or the weight and movements used were way to easy! For instance looking at Bridgettes time and exercises; I may have had her use 35# or 40# for all exercises including Good Mornings. I would not have had her do OH Squats but instead do Front Squats. Pullups, I would have had her do full jumping or with a band. Lastly with K2E's I would have had her double the reps and had her perform situps. I guarantee the workload and time would have been greater and more beneficial.

It is also important to not lighten a load or scale down an exercise half way through or during the last round. Just because you can not get all of them in a row or because you drop from the pullup bar 5 times is not a reason to scale or decrease the load from what you started with. Whatever weight and exercise you start with, you should end with. There are many times that I can only get one or two reps in a row on a WOD. But the key is after the 1 or 2 reps can you take a deep breath, pick it back up and do 2 more? If not you will never get there if you keep scaling halfway through a WOD. Stregnth is only 1 component. It is the mentally aspect and heart that gives us that extra boost to complete tasks we didn't think we could do. It is that from which we realize how much work we really are capable of.

Again, I want to praise everyone of you! You all are so awesome and getting so fit. I also want to thank everybody that host and continues to host these WOD's. It is alot of work and we all appreciate it. Sp please understand I have a slight obligation to train and should do so. Therefore do not take this as any criticism rather take it as knowlege. If anyone has any questions, please contact me and we can discuss it.

kq said...

65lbs (OHS-PP-SC-GM)
Jumping Pullups

Anonymous said...

Only two things I liked about his WOD. 1)Sense of accomplishment. 2)That it had lots of weighted movements. I did this after I got home from work and getting the motivation to do it was really tough. Anyways Good Job Everybody! Also thanks for the post Paul I think it is great to get feedback on the WODs.

29:19 Rx'd


Cheri M. said...

My weights were light for the OH due to form and I didnt want to hurt myself! On the others the 35 # felt ok and was hard at times!Subbed out one round on 25# due to 3 of us sharing the 35# bar. Need to get my own:( Same with the pUS! Only one bar and I didnt want to block it up so I did pus and situps. The good mornings I could have gone heavier but I used the 35# KB that was available:)Great WOD but I agree with the form being important! And the situps I would have been 45 short but there was 15 toes to bar and I forgot to convert to 30 total! Followed the the board.

Fitness Estrella said...

Great job Cheri! It is very impressive to have 6 or so people and only 3 bars to use and accomplish this WOD with 4 weighted movements involved. I give you bad to the bone ladies props. Keep it up and don't hesitate to ask a question if you have one.

Jen B. said...

27:34 Rx'd

Great WOD, but it killed me! Great job to everyone that completed this! Had to pretty much break up everything except for my first round of OHS and 2 rounds of good mornings.

Krista - you killed it!

Anonymous said...

Did a today's WOD on the main site.
7 Rounds
35 DUs
1 Snatch

Still trying to do the correct form on the snatch. I felt pretty good and had morgan watch me lift and she said it looked good. I starte very light and worked up to 130lbs. I know that I am stronger than using 130lbs for one snatch but I did not want to hurt myself, just wanted to do enough to beat Kristan Clever ;)


L.A. said...

As Paul said this is a WO that should be done with all the same weight; and should not of been done under 24min, if done with proper form and weight, you would not have got the full punishment out of this kind of WO Lol!!! Jen, Krista, and I; usually are right in the same ball park for times, with me being last!! I so wanted to quit this one, but kept thinking Jen and Krista were right beside me pushing through this! There was a lot of CUSEING in my WO! You all still very well with this overall.
The Sqt/Cln kicked my as..s! I was est. my time around 30mins or so! Im please with my time. My form was most important to focuse on.

Frt/Sqts Sub for OHS

Jenette said...

Jenette - 24:23, 50#, purple band. Thanks to my buddy, Jayne, who counted my reps and encouraged me! Most fatigued were my grip and forearms.