Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday November 27, 2011

30 Box Jumps (20/24")
30 Push Press/Jerk ((85/135#)
200m Sandbag Run (25/40#)
20 Box Jumps
20 Push Press/Jerk
400m Sandbag Run
10 Box Jumps
10 Push Press/Jerk
600m Sandbag Run

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Tuesday, December 07, 2010


L.A. said...

I did Monday's WOD today, alittle behind!
I ran a bit over 2mls before I did this (19:02); bad idea! Legs where like jello.

75 Singles
10 Burpees

Singles (w/ 2 to three DU's in each rd)

12:56 Singles
14:46 Singles

Anonymous said...

I liked today's workout. Did 65# on PP and it was hard. I only got 10 in a row one time. Otherwise it was broken up in sets of 5-8. The sandbag run was actually kind of relaxing compared to the PP. Each run cleared my head and centered my breathing for the next BJ/PP set. Though I actually had a sandbag so I was running in "comfort" compared to some ladies carrying 25# bar weights! Great job everyone!

I can't remember my time. 15: something?

Cheri M. said...

50# PP felt good! The most I did was 14 in a row then the other rounds were 10 then 9, ect. Did stepups instead of boxjumps due to my arch and achilles being swollen and tender. The run was hard because of my ankle and the darn dumbell knocking around the side of my head but still pushed to finish. My time was 15:? Great job everyone:)

Cheri M. said...

Oh, ran with kids and the jogger on Sunday 6 miles 50:49

Jen B. said...

18:04; 70# PP, 19" BJ, 25# SB

The 70# push press was tough. First round was able to get 11 in a row, then declined after that. I slipped on the bench doing box jumps on the second round at number 17, OUCH! My first time gashing my shin - I guess it had to happen sometime...the rest of you did great!

Lisa: 14:19 45# PP, 19" BJ, 25# weighted run
Jesse: 15:09 45# PP, 19" BJ, 25# weighted run
Morgan: 15:24 65# PP, 19" BJ, 25# SB
Cheri: 15:29 50# PP, 19" BJ, 25#? weighted run
JaimeC: 16:00 50# PP, 19" BJ, 25#? weighted run
Hillari: 16:47 12.5# DB PP, 19" BJ, no weight for run
Lara: 18:58 50# PP, 19" BJ, weighted run 1st rnd only
Carlie: 19:09 35# PP, 19" BJ, 25# weighted run
Leslie: 19:43 65#PP, 20" BJ, 25# SB

hillari said...

I actually did a 15 pound weighted run. I was carrying Lara's dumbbell.

Cheri M. said...

I did do 25# for the run but stepups instead of the BJ due to my achilles and top of my foot being swollen. Didnt want to risk it even though I ran on it still:-0

Anonymous said...

Did 70# pp very hard!! Did 10 in row at most. Ended up being more of a jerk 20' bj first round pretty much did me in with the 30. Run with 20# db not bad. 20:42


Fitness Estrella said...

Still in a Sling - Can't move the arm yet!
Previous Times:
17:11 RX'd (12/07/10)

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