Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday November 18, 2011

200M Run, 10 Deadlifts
200M Run, 9 Deadlifts
200M Run, 8 Deadlifts
200M Run, 7 Cleans
200M Run, 6 Cleans
200M Run, 5 Cleans
200M Run, 4 Cleanand Jerks
200M Run, 3 Clean and Jerks
200M Run, 2 Clean and Jerks
200M Run, 1 Overhead Squat

RX'd is 80#/135# for entire workout.

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Thursday, June 23, 2011


Fitness Estrella said...

12:03 RX'd w/ C&J + Front Squat instead of OHS
Felt Good although weak on my Push Presses.
I ended up doing 5 C&J's with 155# post WOD to see how my shoulder felt. All I can say is I shouldn't have and I am feeling it now.

Previous Times:
12:05 RX'd (6/23/11)
11:59 RX'd (2/21/11)
11:36 RX'd (6/04/10)
11:24 RX'd (2/14/10)
11:30 RX'd (11/27/09)

L.A. said...

It was a great WO with Jen and Morgan: they kicked Butt, or should I say mine Lol!!! My weight was fine for me. Did not attempt OHS, So I did Frt Sqt instead! Not my favorite WO; or should I say none are my favorite!! The girls make me run faster. Thanks for having us.


Prv Times:
15:13 @ 65lb's (OHS) 2/14/10
16:13 @ 60lbs 6/4/10

Jen B. said...

13:06 70#

Again, I needed assistance with the OHS. Just can't get that bar overhead with a wide grip. Did a back squat with no problem. Morgan kept me pushing on this one! My best time by quite a bit. Nice job today Leslie - it was great to see you!

14:29 70# (assisted OHS) 6/24/11
14:25 65# (2/21/11)
14:18 65# (6/04/10)
14:08 65# (No OHS)2/14/10
13:56 60# 11/27/09
15:20 60# 9/23/09

Anonymous said...

Mike B
19:11 85#

Robert B
17:17 65#

Morgan & Jared Hochstettler said...

Just realized I never posted my time!

13:16- 65#

Super tough workout. I got a good wind on the PC's so I tried to plow through those because I knew c&J's would kill me. Sure enough I slowed way down on those and the overhead squat was not quite complete. Still learning the balance on those. Great wo though. Thanks Jen and Leslie!

kq said...

Sub'd 20 DU's for run